Digital signage is something that many companies are utilising and getting fantastic results from. It can be extremely effective and help you to get more customers.

However, digital signs need to be prepared properly l in order to be successful. There is quite a lot of room for error so you need to do your research or get some professional advice before you embark on a project. Digital signs are a form of visual communication, so they need to be designed in a way they will catch people’s attention.

People have so many different messages thrown at them through various marketing platforms on a daily basis that they have a very short attention span. You need to produce something compelling enough to make people stop and read your sign. If you want to avoid a disaster then here are some common mistakes that people make.

digital signage

Forgetting to future proof your strategy

Digital signs are something that’s safe to invest in, they will be around for a very long time. However, the equipment you use may not stand the test of time if you don’t look after it. The digital signs that you buy should also be designed in a way to make them last. For example, signs with a tempered glass front and steel enclosure are far more durable.

Moreover, there shouldn’t be any controls on show as they will most likely get tampered with. You want to have complete control over the content on your digital sign. You can also choose to get a warranty for your signs which will give you peace of mind that they will be fixed should something go wrong. Another thing that will help to future proof your signs is ensuring they have an AV input as well as an internal media player.

Rushing the project

Many projects fail simply because they have been rushed. If you are investing money in a signage project then it’s worth making sure you are 100% happy with the finished product. Signs need to be checked several times before they go live to ensure they are correct and eliminate any mistakes. Creating a successful digital sign network takes careful planning.

Low quality content

Your signs are competing with not only other digital sings but thousands of other advertising messages that people see every day. According to Thomas Fraser-Bacon of Allsee Technologies “If they contain poor quality content they will simply fade into the background and be a waste of time and money.” Put some thought into the content that goes onto your signs. You might want to test it before it goes live with your target audience to see whether they find it interesting or even notice it at all when they walk by. You need to use engaging language and visually attractive designs to get noticed. 

Stale content

The content on your signs needs to be constantly updated and refreshed. If you are managing a large network of signs you need to be on the case. The last thing you want is for a few of your signs to be displaying inaccurate, old information. People will become frustrated and switch off and you won’t be communicating your intended message. Even if the content isn’t out of date you still need to change it on a regular basis or it will become old news. Avoid having stale content by reviewing your digital signs regularly and considering how you might be able to improve them.