Modern advances in computer technology do not only serve our business needs. Sometimes, our purposes are quite different, like searching for a missing family member or a pet. Designing an effective poster can be difficult, though, but that should not be a problem since you can find some Word templates and plenty of free missing poster templates here in Google Docs to help you in the process.

If somebody close to you has gone missing, you want to do everything in your power to find him as quickly as possible. What you can do is post an announcement well-designed for the purpose. We sincerely hope that you will never need the information from this article, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to draw such a poster, we would like to explain how to design one that will help you find the person quickly.

Creating an Effective Missing Poster

Your poster must meet certain formal conditions to serve the required purpose well. More specifically, it must:

  • Stand out of the endless traffic of commercial ads to catch the eye
  • Have minimal ornamentation and irrelevant data
  • Be easy to read and comprehend
  • Motivate the reader to respond

You may find it callous to discuss the artistic aspects of a missing person announcement, yet that is what it is. You need other people to help you in your search, and whether you succeed in securing their cooperation will depend on how well-designed your poster is from the artistic perspective.

Photograph of the Person

The first most significant part of the poster is the actual person or pet missing. There is no need for words – nobody will read them anyway. A good picture will serve the purpose much better. ‘Good’ does not mean attractive, though; instead, choose a photo that makes it easier to recognise him on the street.

Actual Announcement

The second most important part is the announcement that he is missing. Do not expect anybody to respond to the face only – there are too many pictures posted on every wall for commercial purposes. For the best effect, it should be short and in capital letters and bold type, like “MISSING!” or “HELP FIND!”

Relevant Information

Next comes all the data that might help identify him. There should be as little of that as possible so that the reader can remember it more easily. The best strategy is to compile a brief list of the most distinctive characteristics, such as his age, hair colour, clothes and peculiar features. Or, in the case of a pet, its breed, colour, the pattern of stripes, et cetera.

Most people tend to ignore this part of the poster, though. Therefore, it is advisable to type the list in small letters to compel the reader to pay closer attention to it if he chooses to do it, after all.

Announced Remuneration

Human nature being what it is, you have much better chances to secure the required cooperation if you promise to reward it. People tend to be more responsive to somebody in trouble if they can expect to make some dough from it. Therefore, an announced reward is the third most essential part of a missing poster, and you should make it as visible as the other two.

Using the Missing Poster Templates

Creating an effective poster requires particular skills and knowledge of computer technology. Besides, it is understandable that you may be too anxious and disorientated under the circumstances to be concerned with the artistic aspects of the task. And that is when the templates can help you a lot.

For one thing, they have been designed professionally to serve your specific purpose, and you can even choose the most suitable one for your case. Sadly, the demand for such posters must be pretty high, for there are thousands of them available on the internet these days.

Besides, using Google Docs and Word templates requires no prior experience with software tools. Fill the data in the boxes, and the poster is ready for publication. And the drag-and-drop function allows you to complete the entire task on autopilot. All you have to do is:

  1. Browse a provider’s webpage to download an appropriate template.
  2. Drag and drop the required data in the corresponding boxes.
  3. Adjust the fonts and colours if necessary.
  4. Print and post it on the walls and distribute it across physical locations.
  5. At the same time, post it online on various sites, forums and social platforms.


There are times when the accomplishment of a task depends on particular conditions that you simply cannot focus on under the circumstances. It helps to know that some experienced professionals have done it for you. You only have to download the free missing poster templates to facilitate your search that we hope you will never have to conduct again.