When we are talking about spy apps, there can be none better than Minspy. Minspy is the best spy app I have ever seen and believe me when you know all about it, you will forget any other spying solution and Minspy will be your greatest companion in spying.

Minspy is a world-class spying solution if you’re wondering what’s the best spy app all over the world. Its top-notch spying features surpass those of any other spying solution in the world. When talking about the ultimate best, there is no better option than Minspy.

Minspy has worldwide fame and popularity. With more than a million users all around the globe, Minspy proudly stands as the most used spying application in all of the world. That is why it has also made up some of the biggest international media brands.

Top news sources like Forbes, CNET and Life Hacker etc. have reviewed it in the best ways. Minspy has also been recommended as the best mobile phone spy app by these media brands.

Mobile phone spying is incredibly easy with Minspy. You can keep an eye on your child’s mobile activity conveniently and get to know every detail that he hides from you. Moreover, you can use Minspy to check on your spouse as well by spying on his phone.

Incredible Features That Make Minspy The Absolute Best

Although it’s nearly impossible to list all of its incredible features here, we will mention the top few ones that the people love about it. Here are our few picks.

Online App

The very first thing that makes Minspy stand out from many others is that it has an online app or dashboard that can be used for spying purposes. You can visit the online Minspy page from any browser of your choice. There is absolutely no need for any app installation.

But this facility is only available once you have signed up with Minspy and have an account with it. We will put light on it later on.

No Jailbreaking or Rooting is Needed

When you are using Minspy, you need not worry about rooting or jailbreaking the objective gadget. As rooting and jailbreaking the device can make it vulnerable to outside attacks and intrusions, therefore Minspy has eradicated this need through its top-class spying features.

Data Privacy and Security

There are many spy apps out there that publicize the spying work for you but then turn out to be scams for breaching your private info.

However, Minspy knows it well that people’s privacy must not be intruded on. That is why it has taken strict measures to safeguard its users’ private data or information. Your as well as the other person’s private data is completely secure with Minspy.

Social Media Spying

Yes, you heard it right. Social media spying is possible and achievable now through Minspy. Minspy is an all-in-one solution for spying and can give you each and every detail of the other person’s phone including even its social media account details.

With Minspy, you can check out the target person’s Facebook, Instagram, LINE, WhatsApp and many other apps too.


Keylogger is an extremely efficient feature when it comes to spying. Not many spy apps have it. Minspy incorporates this smart keylogging feature in its design. Through keylogger, you can keep an eye on each and every move made by the other person.

You get to know every touch made on the target phone. This way, you can also know many passwords and then check out the phone personally.

Spy In Secret with Minspy

What if you get caught by your spouse spying on his phone? Well, that would definitely have a bad impact on your already-bad marriage relationship. So, you must use a spy app that can cover your identity well.

And in that case, Minspy is the perfect one for you. Minspy not only does the spying job well, but it also works to hide your identity perfectly so that you never get caught. Its incredible features provide ultimate security and guarantee that you will never be discovered.

Whether you wish to spy on any Android device or any iOS device, Minspy hides your identity in both cases. So let’s discover the workings on both the devices.

For iOS devices

Gone are the days when iPhones or other iOS devices were impossible to hack or spy. Minspy allows you to check on each and every detail of the respective iOS gadget.

Ios gadgets are fitted with the iCloud feature. Minspy makes use of this feature to get you all the details of the device. This way, you need not touch the device even once. Just provide the iCloud details of the target device and that’s it, you’re in.

See, no app installation means not even a single chance of your identity being discovered.

For Android devices

Minspy’s working mechanism for android phones is a bit different than ios devices. It’s not completely remote hence, you need to get hold of the device but only for once. And that one time, you will have to install the spying app in it.

Android phones do not have any features like iCloud. That’s why one-time access is necessary. If any spy app publicizes to allow remote spying for android phones, then it’s definitely a scam.

All Android spying apps require app installation. But Minspy is different because it makes the process easy and convenient. Moreover, its spy app is so little that it installs in seconds and also hides well.

Step-By-Step Easy Spying with Minspy

Step 1:

If you wish to use Minspy’s services for spying on somebody’s phone, then you must sign-up with it first. Having a Minspy account is necessary in order to start using its spying services. During sign-up, you must also choose a suitable subscription plan for yourself.

Step 2:

When the sign-up is done and complete, choose the right OS of the target device. If you select ios, you must also provide iCloud details in order to continue.

If you select Android, you must get in touch with the target phone and start the installation process.

Step 3:

When the installation is done, the device is ready to be spied on. Just visit your online dashboard and start spying right away.


So, there is no doubt now that Minspy is the ultimate best spy app all over the world. Start using it right away to have the best spying experience.