A few words about the memoryOS application, what are its advantages, who were the creators inspired by and how is it fundamentally different from millions of other similar applications?

How to learn to easily and quickly memorize large amounts of information?

Many people today notice that they cannot memorize large amounts of information or that they cannot reproduce information that they read a few minutes ago. This can often bring great discomfort both at work and at home. MemoryOS is an innovative application that allows you to train your memory. The creators have tried to create an interesting and unusual application for mobile phones that will help playfully improve your memory.

Why has a person become worse at memorizing information than it was a few years ago?

Over the past few years, the modern world has changed a lot. If earlier people could receive information only from communication with each other, from books and newspapers. A modern person constantly receives some kind of information, whether it is information necessary for work or just a radio program that you listen to in the car on the way home.

Each of us is constantly surrounded by information noise and the brain is often unable to process absolutely all information. As a result, many people not only cannot memorize large amounts of information but are also unable to maintain concentration for a long time. Research shows that this does not mean that such a person has a low IQ or is lagging in development. No, it means that his brain is poorly trained. This process can be compared to going to the gym. Few people come to the treadmill for the first time and can run for an hour without stopping. This result can only be achieved by practicing regularly and diligently. So it is with the brain, if it is not trained, it gradually loses its skills.

Developing a memory as wonderful as Sherlock Holmes has, is not as difficult as it might seem. If it uses the chambers of memory, then the creators of the application MemoryOS use the expression Memory Palace. The definition of these concepts is the same. A person can memorize a lot of information but often cannot use it.

How can you train your memory?

Today there are a huge number of techniques that promise you to improve your memory at times in a few days. As a rule, they are not very effective, require large financial investments, but practically do not give a result.

Jonas von Essen, a two-time world memory champion, knows this problem well. Previously, he was a person who also could not remember large amounts of information. He tried a huge number of techniques, and as a result, he developed his memorization strategy. It allowed him to achieve tremendous results, including hitting everyone at Sweden’s Got Talent. Today he publishes his articles on such well-known information platforms as:

  • the BBC, 
  • The New York Times, 
  • The Independent, 
  • The Telegraph, 
  • The Times.

Based on his developments, a special application for Android and iOS was created – memoryOS. It has already shown good results – more than 70% of people who tried the beta version noticed a significant memory improvement.

What is the advantage of the application and how it differs from the rest?

The creators of the memoryOS application understand that it is easiest to remember some information if it is offered playfully. That is why they have developed a special kind of 3D game that aims to improve your memory. Thus, you can simply play on your phone at any time convenient for you, as you usually do, and develop your memory.

It has such advantages:

  • allows you to structure memory;
  • increases storage;
  • allows instant feedback;
  • boosts your self-confidence;
  • allows you to become a professional in this industry.

The application has several levels of difficulty. First, you need to decide what state your ability to memorize various information is in, and then choose the appropriate plan.

Here you will also find some tips from Jonas von Essen to help you develop your memory while driving to work or waiting in line at the supermarket.

The memoryOS application has a simple and intuitive interface, so it will not be difficult to disassemble it. The developers paid great attention to the graphics, so each new round looks even more colorful and unusual. This creates arousal due to the release of endorphins, which leads to increased motivation and makes the overall impression stronger.

The peculiarity of memoryOS is that everyone can use it, regardless of age. The studies were conducted on people from 11 to 60 years old, and in each return group, there is a different improvement in memorization. In addition, even people with increased anxiety and insomnia, medical conditions such as ADHD, can use it and improve their memory.

In general, memoryOS is an application that has managed to establish itself as a good way to improve memorization skills in an easy playful way. Unlike many others, it has great graphics and really good results. You can find out more about it here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/memoryos/memoryos-drastically-improve-your-memory-the-fun-way?token=8aeee46a