Online shopping is quickly becoming really easy for the buyer but highly complicated for the shop owner. Many changes are available with basically all platforms out there and you will have problems in making good decisions. Just look at the Iksanika extensions for Magento and you will quickly figure this out.

The problem in most cases is that site owners complicate the work that they do without even realizing it. In order to maximize eCommerce success, the most important part is analyzing everything at a basic level since it is the foundation that creates a good business. Adding great features like a one step checkout extension works but only improves sales rates by a small amount. Making the large changes will have a much stronger impact.

First Impressions Count The Most

In the event that the website does not make a really good first impression, it will not matter how functional everything is or how great the products/services are. You can have the very best deals on the internet and still not make good sales.


Many do not actually understand what the first impression is about. With an eCommerce website, we mean the very first screen that is seen by the interested buyer. That is where the very best products have to be showcased or where the visitor needs to find exactly what he wants to buy. While this can be easy when there are not many products sold, as the number of services/products grows, everything becomes complicated and that first impression will not be as great as the site owner thinks.

Customer Trust Is The Main Priority

Running the successful online business is all about the trust that the customer has in what you offer. As a simple example, if you run an aspiring bakery business, being trusted is necessary before you will ask for anyone to buy a bakery product on the internet.

Your marketing strategy becomes so much simpler when the brand is seen with a really good eye by the potential customer. Trust can be gained when you are transparent and you always offer really high quality products. Dissatisfied customers can drastically hurt online operations so be sure that you do not ignore them.

Boosting Purchase Decisions

Gather as much back-end data as you can and then use it in order to identify the really popular products and categories that are offered by the online shop. Then, you want to prioritize products based on user likability. Make sure that you allow the customers to remove or add multiple files in search options. We are talking about a business website so you do want to be sure that everything presented will have a high possibility of being liked.


In many websites we see that specific products are pushed into the line of sight of the viewer. This can lead towards problems as we do not like to be told what to buy. Make sure that you do not make this mistake and that you only promote the products that will most likely be appreciated by the potential buyers.