Across the world, the use of master data management techniques is expanding. In 2021, the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will allow companies around the world to expand their use of MDM using the latest trends. 2021 is forecast by Market Watch to be affected by the COVID-19 virus, which will cause problems for several industries throughout the year. The growth of new technologies, such as the Blockchain, requires companies to remain at the top of their chosen industry. The adaptation of MDM technologies by new industries and the development of hybrid systems will head the MDM in trends in 2021.

1. MDM will be Accepted by new Industries

The adoption of Master Data Management software and apps has been rapid across some industrial sectors. The leading areas of development for MDM have included the retail and healthcare sectors. Spanning issues, such as spending and sticking levels, MDM has become vital to the workings of members of these industries. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, the adoption of technology has become a priority for industrial leaders. The desire to use MDM as a tool across different industries will be a consistent part of the development of the use of data management tools.

2. A move to Hybrid Data Storage

Research Hub reports the MDM sector will grow further in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the virus led to remote working for employees across several industries. The work done remotely by employees has led to growth in the MDM sector and the Cloud. Research studies estimate 2021 will see a rise in Cloud and hybrid storage use across several industries. Any company moving to Cloud and hybrid storage options will be able to develop its MDM software tools.

3. Improved Accuracy

The way consumers and clients source their information about products and stick levels is changing. The use of virtual assistants has been growing over the last few years and has forced industries to view how they approach data management. The use of MDM has grown because of the requirements of virtual assistants to access the latest data. Ensuring virtual assistants have access to real-time information requires data to be stored and accessed at all times. The use of MDM software tools will grow in several industries because of the widespread use of virtual assistants.

4. Looking at Different Domains

The use of MDM tools has been linked to a single domain by most commercial users. In 2021, the need to have access to more data will be vital to supplying the best information to each client. A single domain MDM approach would look at a single aspect of a business, such as stock levels for a retail company. The latest trends for 2021 will include the development of multi-domain platforms spanning many areas of a business. The trend will require multiple domains to be accessed to provide the latest information available to all stakeholders. Multiple domains include accessing information from suppliers and freight companies to assist with accurate stock levels.

5. Data Fabric will be Important

The trend for data fabric in 2021 can be viewed as an extension of multiple domain strategies. The use of data fabric as a term and project serves as a way of keeping the data available secure at all times. Data and MDM governance are vital to the security and reputation of a company as it moves forward. By securing the data from all sources and locations, Chief Information Officers will need to ensure their data fabric holds together as virtual assistants and multi-domain projects become the norm.

6. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence grow in Importance

MDM was created to try and improve customer service at all levels. Every customer within a company or outside requires the latest information to make accurate decisions about their future business decisions. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with Master Data Management tools will allow simple tasks to be fully automated. The use of A.I. and machine learning can reduce the time taken each day on data issues that can be handled without the need for human intervention.

7. Knowledge Graphs

Assembling data is an important first step in the use of MDM that needs to be followed by understanding the information. Small and medium business owners are taking their lead from tech giants by using knowledge graphs. The trend for knowledge graphs began in the second quarter of 2020 when remote working became the norm because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The use of graphs as a tool in the 21st-century may seem like using outdated technology, but this is not the case. Both Google and Facebook have used knowledge graphs to help their employees and clients understand data drawn from multiple sources. Knowledge graphs are a vital way of bringing data together from various sources and easily understanding collated information.