Social media is very useful for businesses that want to establish a following, as seen from the saturated market of businesses utilizing social media platforms to expand their reach and increase sales. In this globalized context, society is advancing faster than ever with the aid of technology and this will give rise to ever-changing trends while people continue to adopt such an online integrated lifestyle. Therefore, businesses should take advantage of social media platforms to understand consumer behavior and connect with them to grow their brands further. With that, this article will quickly cover general social media tips and go in-depth about how you should effectively utilize the different popular social media platforms. can also help you when it comes to finding the right agencies to help promote your business.

General Social Media Tips:

  • Creating a personalized and formulated strategy for the different types of social media platforms.
  • Be consistent.
  • Build focus in your messages and content.
  • Beware of trends and keep them in consideration.
  • Always measure your results and conduct analysis.
  • Introduce video content.
  • Join communities or build one.
  • Build a connection with your audience through interactions.
  • Set up partnerships with popular influencers.

Social Media Tips For Facebook

Using Paid Advertising On Facebook And Promoted Posts

Sure to produce positive results, any paid advertising is always reliable when you want to enhance visibility. Ads on Facebook are very effective as it helps businesses target people alike to your audience in shared interests, hence increasing your brand exposure to people who would be more inclined to show interest in your product offerings. Furthermore, you can tailor the ad to meet the demographics of the target audience, including details such as age, location, and even the type of device they are using to access the ad.

Make Use Of Facebook Live 

According to statistics, Facebook live video scored the highest reach among the various types of posts available on the platform. This is exemplified by the fact that Live sessions produce more comments, 10 times more than a usual video readily found in the newsfeed. Besides, it has been noted that people tuning in to such live videos tend to stick around longer than those who watch pre recorded videos. In particular, such live sessions are suitable to host tutorials, Q&A sessions, and product demonstrations and they would be beneficial in raising the level of engagement. 

Create A Facebook Group To Build A Community

As mentioned in the general social media marketing tips, it would always help to have your own community and this is easily achieved with the help of a Facebook Group. The reason being, such groups provide a platform for followers to connect with each other and share their shared interests. Not to mention, businesses should also utilize Facebook pages to strengthen the bond with their followers as it helps followers to readily reach out to the company. On the page, general information can be provided for the public to access and allow smoother communications. 

Take Advantage Of Facebook Messenger

Adding to the list of popular marketing tools on Facebook is their messenger function which helps brands to achieve efficient communication with their consumers. As chatbots become increasingly in trend, brands can take advantage of it to facilitate a more efficient answering of consumers’ frequently asked questions. At the same time, subscriber lists can be generated via the chatbots and this would come in handy in updating them with the latest offerings and events. 

Social Media Tips For Twitter

Join Trending Conversations

One particularly useful feature about Twitter is that it provides you with the opportunity to engage with the community even if they do not follow you. As such, you are able to seize the chance to share your valuable insights and get your message across to people all over the platform who may not have been introduced to your brand yet.

Using Hashtags

To emphasize again the importance of relevance, it is crucial that you remember to maintain stay on track of your main message focus and not make hasty decisions in hopping onto every trending topic. Therefore, it is critical to just concentrate on your branded hashtags and only get involved in topics that are relevant to your audience. 

Implement Advertising On Twitter

Paid advertising on Twitter would be beneficial if your followers are active on the platform. The three types of advertising are, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts. Regardless of the type, all forms of paid Twitter advertising are effective as it is minimally disruptive and they are structured similarly to the content your followers are exposed to while using the platform.

Social Media Tips For LinkedIn

Plan Your Video Content Well

Since LinkedIn provide incentives to users who post video directly onto the platform, it is naturally a logical decision to capitalize on this fact and post video content there. So, when you post videos onto the platform, here are some points to take account into:

  • Include descriptive text and images, as well as closed captions since most users on social media platforms, do not play videos without sound.
  • Keep your brand awareness related videos under 30 seconds.
  • Have sales promotional videos around 30 to 90 seconds. 

Build Directly Via The Platform

Instead of posting links on the platform to direct followers to other social media platforms, you can always post content directly onto LinkedIn because doing so promises greater efficiency with higher reach as the platform regards such direct content with more importance.

Social Media Tips For Instagram

Post Stories Regularly

Posting stories regularly helps to remain a high level of consistent exposure as every time a story is posted, your brand account will be shown at the top of their feed. Meanwhile, it is also useful in notifying followers whenever you have a new post so that they will be able to see it. Another important feature to note, when you have reached a following of more than 10k followers, Instagram would allow you to post links in your story which is extremely useful in directing followers to your desired web page that you would like to bring attention to. 

Utilize IGTV

IGTV, in particular, is a great tool to make use of to reuse existing videos and further distribute them. Contents that are suitable to be uploaded onto IGTV include listicles, tutorials and behind the scenes cuts. To mention one exemplary example, Buzzfeed is one company that has done an amazing job at capitalizing on IGTV as they have frequently uploaded interesting content that matches their posts on Instagram and are relevant to their website content. 


Once again, we would like to reiterate the rapid changes in technology and the ever-evolving trends, therefore, it should be useful to consider these tips to adopt in your social media marketing strategy. We hope they will help you achieve an edge over your competitors as you plan ahead of them and grow your audience. Wishing you all the best, good luck!