In the 21st century, many companies have begun to turn to social media and the internet to market their companies and products. But how well does this actually work? Oftentimes, when seen on social media, a smaller company may not even have the opportunity for their ads to be seen. Modern marketing may be effective sometimes, but more classic techniques are very effective for most companies, especially construction companies. Social media is a great free way to market yourself, but it is not the only way.

That being said, here is a blend of old and new techniques that are effective in marketing for construction companies in Australia and beyond.

Build a High Quality Website

Because of the age we live in, if someone were looking for a construction company, the first place they would go to is Google. A Google search could lead a potential customer to your website. However, if the website isn’t easily navigated or if there aren’t listed ways to contact that company, a customer will likely go somewhere else on the internet that is more straightforward.

A key to keeping customers engaged is making a simple yet informative website. Hence, make sure it features support and contact numbers, friendly faces of real employees, and the work that you have done to impress customers. A website can be the first impression you give a potential client, so make sure that your website is a good one.

Create a Quality Billboard

Billboards might be ignored by many who drive past them. But, sometimes, when the right person sees it, it pays for itself by creating your business a customer. Billboards have been around for a long time, and they wouldn’t still be around today if they didn’t work. While this may be more expensive than social media marketing, it is certainly worth it.

Billboards are effective marketing techniques in large cities, suburbs, and even in the middle of nowhere highways. Billboards are a tried-and-true marketing technique that also builds your brand simply by association. Maybe somebody takes the same commute route to work every day, and, maybe, most days they don’t need your services, but if the day comes that they require work done and they’ve driven past your billboard so many times that they know your name, you may be the first place they’ll go looking to get a job done.

Make Use of Fence Wraps to Market Your Construction Business

Nothing markets a quality product like itself. Many potential clients might not feel comfortable choosing a company based on pictures alone. Clients might look at a project that is being worked on and want to contract those same people, but the only issue with that is, sometimes, becomes people don’t know who built things when they like the look of them. That is why many construction businesses buy printed banner mesh from companies that specialize in making high-quality banner mesh in order to show off who is building something. This way, passersby will consider the same company if they ever needed a project to be completed.

A printed banner mesh is an underused but highly effective technique when marketing a construction company because it has the same effect on potential customers as a billboard, but is much less expensive and does a better job of showing off quality work. Mesh banners are also reusable and can be moved from one project to another after completion, making them a cost-effective marketing technique as well.

Social Media

While it may not be the most effective tactic for a smaller brand, it’s an incredibly important marketing tactic because it is free. No need to pay for ads, just create a page for your company on a website like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with millions of users, and find some pages your target audience might follow. Comment on the posts promoting your own brand and use hashtags on whatever you might be posting to gain a following that way.

You could pay someone to do this for you. But if you are willing to run your own page and just put in a small amount of time every day, it could end up gaining you a client. And, if it does that, then it was worth the time you put in.

Throw a Fundraiser

It is absolutely important that a company has a good name. If a brand doesn’t look good, some people may not trust it. Hence, spend some money on setting up a fundraiser for an organization you want to openly support. Doing so will make your brand look great.

Use other tactics like social media or even simply mailing out flyers to get the word out. Have workers bring friends and family, and before you know it, tons of people are gathering to attend something your brand has put together. Once you have them there, you can have your company’s name on everything, business cards, whichever you decide to market yourself at your event.

Your brand name will get out there and earn trust by doing some good for the world, which works wonders for a brand.

Networking is Very Important

Networking in any industry is good, but the best thing you can do to market your construction business is to meet other people in the business world. They and their friends will need something built or renovated eventually, and when they do, they’ll come to you first.

All the techniques described above are great, and even the use of social media is fine, but the best way to market your business is also the least expensive. Register on platforms like Linkedin or talk to some friends to begin building your network today in order to set yourself up to start building projects in the future.

Do What Makes Sense for You

This is your business. No two companies are the same, so what may work for one might be something you have tried and didn’t work out, and that is ok. Try something from this list that is new, like social media or the use of banner mesh, or go back to an old school technique like the billboards. But, at the end of the day, nobody knows your area like you do.

Pick what you think is going to be the most effective technique and go for it. Just make sure you do it right instead of picking everything on the list and doing them wrong.