Social media is among the best ways to get more traffic and generate new leads in Sydney. However, it takes more than just a few hours each day to have a successful social media campaign. If you want your brand to be popular on major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you need some special tools and techniques. Today’s social media gurus employ several of these tools to make sure their campaigns are a success.



If you care about your brand’s reputation (which you certainly do), you cannot ignore this tool. It monitors what others say about you. No business is perfect, and a single bad product can lead to an angry customer who may leave a raging review against your company. Whatever might be the reason, you need to find negative comments and deal with them because they will be read by others and create a negative brand image. Hootsuite scans through 35 media outlets and reports about any negative comments that it finds regarding your brand.


Buffer is an easy way to schedule your content across various social media channels. It’s a smart application that lets you schedule different posts at different times. You can come up with multiple posts on a single day and keep a consistent schedule for all week. It also offers analytics about the reach of your content. This tool is used by many social media companies in Sydney.


If This, Then That – It’s a popular tool that creates triggers that are fired if a certain event occurs. You can set a certain event and a related action that should take place if that event happens. For example, you can set it to post messages on your social media channels when you create a blog post. You can make it work with other tools such as Hootsuite, which enhances the use of these tools.



If your social media strategy in Sydney is mainly focused on Twitter, you should try Tweepi – the tool that helps you analyse hits and misses. It lets you flush the unfollowers, reciprocate the following, and follow new and interesting tweeps. While this is a great Twitter tool, keep in mind that it’s useful only for Twitter. So if your social media campaign focuses on other platforms, Tweepi won’t be the best tool for you.


With SocialFlow, you can track the comments and posts of your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you get to see their comments and posts, you’ll understand their likes and dislikes and it will be easier for you to create the right content for them. It also comes with a set of scheduling and analysing tools. It lets you observe real time conversations of your fans. There are some big brands that make use of SocialFlow to understand their audiences better.

There are a number of tools for social media in Sydney. Which tool will it be for your company? Getting all tools would be expensive, which is why companies outsource their social media in Sydney to agencies. At Shout, we have a range of tools and techniques to help our clients get the best social results.

But it’s not just about the tools – we are here to create a connection with your visitors. It’s about brand awareness. At Shout, we connect to your audience’s hearts.