Regardless of the goods or services lying at the heart of your business, there is one constant that will determine whether your enterprise will continue prospering or is destined to suffer inexorable decline. It is imperative you offer your customers a positive experience, not only letting them know you are appreciative of them having chosen you to interact with, but that you would welcome proactive participation. For some time now leading commentators in the field of marketing and e-commerce have not only been stressing this issue, they are adamant that it is customer experience itself that will signpost how businesses are developing from now on.

Tech tools 

If customer interaction is the heartbeat driving income, then it is imperative for IT Managers to consider the benefits of investing in tech tools to assist in delivering a first-rate customer experience.

As you continue to review your business development strategies it would make sense to factor-in initiatives that will do most of the work on your behalf. Customer expectations tend to commence at a very high bar but since your staff are restricted by numbers and available hours in the day, anything that can assist them in dealing with the diverse range of potential customer issues should be welcomed with open arms.

Customer relationship management 

The first place to look when evaluating what tools could help in the automation of functions is your website. There are many powerful sales and marketing software options out there. Infusionsoft offer a system that will integrate with thousands of apps, allowing your organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to be operated efficiently. As you become able to offer a more personalized service to your customers the number of sales you will be able to close will increase exponentially.

An excellent aspect of utilizing this type of software is that it provides a one-stop feature, which is essential to create a seamless environment where there can be a temptation to simply clog up the network with too many tools. The application programming interface is designed to provide connectivity for every element, giving far more technological clout. This will make your system so much easier to manage, adapting to changes and ultimately saving considerable time.

Software development teams who have implemented Infusionsoft have discovered it has been able to cut the overall time spent with data entry and data mining to a fraction of what it had once been, especially in comparison with other CRM platforms.

Another terrific attribute of this form of technology is its scaleability in terms of business size, and its adaptabiity depending on the nature of the enterprise in question. But for sales management it is continually receiving positive plaudits. In terms of maximising revenue, it capitalises on its core feature of maintaining all your sales information in one place. As well as managing other tech components it performs other functions that were previously done manually, such as follow-up emails to customers, delegating tasks, managing calendar appointments, and many more.

Social media 

With so many separate strands within any e-commerce enterprise, any tool that can provide umbrella coverage can only be beneficial. Customers are now so familiar with the seamlessness of social media they’ll feel frustrated when confronted with an interface that appears to be disjointed or fragmented. These days people are used to swapping between different media within a few mouse clicks, or increasingly, minimal taps of the keyboard of their smart device.

In conclusion, when customers are committing to any retail organization by making online purchases they will expect to be able to communicate with that company as straightforwardly as possible, whether that’s by the appropriate email channel, by engaging with social media outlets, live chat, or any other type of communication. When these aspects have not been integrated, the customer will feel they have had a poor digital experience. Not only will this reflect badly on the company, it will inevitably impair sales figures.

IT managers can think of harnessing other technologies to boost business, such as joining a mobile affiliate marketing network. This is where you can start reaching out to third parties who will do all your marketing on your behalf, in return for a portion of commission fees.