The online printing in the UK booming with lots of options you can explore. Banana Print perhaps is the top destination for the most enticing and powerful business cards you can have, to promote your brand and indulge in marketing campaigns that will take you to the next level. You need to do some upfront work and then invest some time and resources in different designs and printing, to ensure that your business cards make a lasting impression in the minds of prospective business leads. Here are some Online printing in the UK design tips and ideas, that will make you achieve lasting results with your business cards;

1. Choose a Concept

Your aim is to promote your brand value on your printed business card. Thankfully, there are online resources that can help you make the right choice. You need to consider your targeted customers, first of all, you need to know how you will use the car to tell your story to your targeted customers, you need to ensure that the images, texture, and color are consistent with all other marketing materials and must also be in tune with the brand values that distinguish you from your main rivals. Experts suggest that you should stick to those classic designs that come with minimalist appearance because they are catchy and not clumsy.

2. Choose the Size, Orientation, and Material

According to Banana print, you cannot have a successful online printing in the UK without having a clear specification. You just have to know what your options are.

You can start with the size. The commonest business card size is the 84mm x 55mm (3.5” x 2”), though you can choose bigger sizes the problem with bigger size cards is that they may not easily be kept in your small pockets or wallet. You may also end up paying more if you choose a size outside of the normal measurement.

Once you have chosen the size, it is time to choose the orientation. The orientation is the way people will view your business cards. Once you have chosen an ideal orientation, your next step is to choose an ideal landscape. The traditional landscape is most preferred because it is easier to read, and also works perfectly with cardholders. the traditional landscape can also be handled effectively by printers.

You can choose a portrait landscape because of its smooth and elegant appearance. Though this option can be handled by any card printer, the downside is that it may be difficult to read inside a cardholder. If you choose the square or custom cuts, they are probably the most attractive but they can be very expensive. The square and custom cut business cards can also become too flamboyant for your business brand.

The material you use for your business brand is also important. Online design platforms offer a wide range of option, though the paper option is the commonest, for business cards. You may also find some business cards in plastic, slate, wood, and metal. The paper option is most suitable for Online printing in the UK because it is affordable and easier to work with. Plastic and metal cards can be very expensive. If you go with Banana Print paper cards, then you still have to choose your preferred business card thickness, weight, and color- all these options can also determine the final price you pay.

3. Choosing Your Business Card Basics

Getting to the details of your business card is quite fun because you can practice with many options. You need to pay careful attention so that you can get the best results for your business card.

The color that you use must project your brand effectively. In most cases, you may have to choose between two colors or a mix of one or two colors. If you want to order large quantity on small budgets, you may want to choose a mix of one or two colors instead of a full color. If you are printing business cards of less than 500, then the full color may be a better option. Since most business cards are printed digitally choosing multiple colors for your business cards have become cheaper.

The font is another feature you must choose carefully for your business card because it offers the right feel for the card. Experts suggest that you make use of the 8-point font because it is very readable. If you choose the serif font, you will get a classier feel, and you may also use the Sans-serif font to add some extra modern vibes. Do not overuse decorative fonts for your business card so that you can avoid poor readability.

You may ask your business card designer to embed the fonts inside a file instead of creating text outlines- this will ensure that the designs produce better quality prints that can be edited in the future, especially when your business is growing or you want to add new employees.

In conclusion, you need to ensure that all information on your business cards is included in the right places, these include your name the organization, job title, logo, and contact information.