Animation videos play an important role in promoting your business. Videos are the best sources for getting better traffic and conversion rate for your products. However, creating animation videos is not an easy task. Especially when you have not much of an experience in making videos, you can be left with no option than taking help from professional video makers. But, they tend to charge exorbitant prices.

If you are looking for the best source for creating the world-class videos for promoting your business? It would be an easy task to create good professional quality videos using

Why Whiteboard Animation video?

A Whiteboard animation video is the best way you can promote your business. The whiteboard animation videos ensure that your products and services reach the right audience and in the right manner.

As they say, videos talk more than the plain words. And videos will let your visitors know the basic points of your business in a better and easy to understand way. Whiteboard animation can be created in simple steps using some world class tools. One of our favourite tool in that direction is MakeWebVideo. It gives professional touch to your animation videos, that too without being expensive.

What makes MakeWebVideo a great option?

Well, several reasons make it the best choice animation maker when it comes to creating whiteboard animation videos. Most important among them is the fact that it makes it quite simple to create your videos.

Some noteworthy features that MakeWebVideo offers include

  • You can create the high-quality videos using the templates created by world’s best animators.The final video you download will be in high quality MP4 format. You can also choose WEBM format as well.
  • MakeWebVideo creates your videos using Adobe After Effects– a well-known video production tool that excels in giving aprofessional touch to every video.
  • The templates come with pre-embedded effects and styles. You do not need to add any special effects yourself.
  • The service lets you add custom animations, videos and music to your final videos. This will ensure that your videos get a personalised touch to them.
  • What we liked the most with MakeWebVideo service is the fact that it does not expect you to make any upfront payment. You can pay only when you download the final video.
  • It provides you tons of templates you can choose from. We are sure the service will have options for everyone of you and all your needs. The sheernumber of templates in itself make it a great site for video creation.
  • The web based nature of the service makes it the best option for use with any platform. You can use it on any device you are on.
  • MakeWebVideo comes with an easy to use interface. Even a novice can use it comfortably.

How to create Whiteboard animation videos using MakeWebVideo?

The procedure involved in creating your whiteboard videos is quite simple with MakeWebVideo. You do not need to have any technical expertise to use the tool. The professional software lets you create your videos in under an hour. There are tutorial videos to help you out in case you have doubts of nay nature.

To begin with, you need an account with MakeWebVideo. If you do not have an account with the service, you can register yourself by visiting the official website of MakeWebVideo and clicking on the Register link. There are no fees associated with the creation of an account on the site.

Go through the templates that software has it on its website. Choose the one that appeals to you. Preview your video. You can check any number of templates and preview them. You can add your custom images and music to make it a personalised video. Once you are satisfied, you can download the video. You will have only to pay the nominal charges only when you download videos. You can download the video in full HD format – you can choose either the MP4 or WEBM file format. Your final videos are assured to be of high quality, given the fact that they are created using Adobe After Effects which needs no further introduction. The final outcome of the video you choose can either be in MP4 format, or WEBM format.

MakeWebVideo is capable of creating whiteboard animation videos with ease. You can choose either a completely custom made video that suits the requirements of your business, or check the existing templates and customise it with the required drawings and other needs.


Well, you need not pay anything to use the tool. They have no packages or package based pricing. The pricing is based on individual templates. Each of the templates comes with their own pricing. The service has both basic and professional quality templates for your needs. The basic templates are priced at $ 29. If you want professional templates you will need to pay a price of $ 89 to $ 99.

Your videos should ideally be ready in just under $ 100. Moreover, the tool offers you a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the final video you downloaded, you can get your money back, or opt for another video.

In Conclusion

We would recommend MakeWebVideo for creating Whiteboard animation videos. It is the best tool you can get for your requirements in the creation of videos, promos and whiteboard animations. The videos are indeed high quality, and you do not need to have any expertise to create them. The easy to use interface, and the simple functionality should be the best features that would make MakeWebVideo the best tool for your needs.

What do you think about the MakeWebVideo service? Have you used it for your video creation needs? If not, we would advise you visit the official website of MakeWebVideo and register yourself on the site. We would love to know your opinions. Do share your views with us. Your feedback will be helpful to our readers.