I was looking for my mobile anxiously; I could not afford my mobile to be stolen. I have saved loads of data in it. What if the datawill go online? What if someone will start blackmailing me? A lot of negative vibes were running in my mind, when my friend said,It is here! What a relief I got at that time.

You can relate the same case with yourself. Sometimes you would be able to find your mobile, but there could be a situation where it might actually get stolen. In that case, the only option left for you would be to track the location of the mobile.


Mobile tracking softwares are being increasingly used to track the location of the mobile and monitoring smartphone activities. It’s not just the lost, stolen case; in fact employers and parents also want to keep track of their employees and kids. Moreover, you can even use it for anyone you care. The exclusive tracking features that monitoring software offers are as follows.


Before I tell you how it exactly works, have a look at the situation below.

Employer (Richard): Hello Steve. Where are you?

Employee (Steve): Yes Sir, I am on my way for the site visit. I will let you know once I will be there.

Employer: Ok, I will be waiting

The situation that I described above is to give you an example. If you doubt about the current location of your employer, then just log-in to control panel and have a look where your employee is right now. During office hours you are supposed to keep a check on their location. This is how you can make sure that your employee is working honestly and dedicate to their assigned tasks.

With Geo-tracking you can look at the current GPS location of the person. You will get accurate latitude and longitude readings on the target phone.

moni 2

Location History

Let me change the above situation a little bit.

Employer (Richard): Ok, I will be waiting

Steve didn’t call back and Richard couldn’t get time to call him. Later on he recalled that Richard is supposed to give him a briefing. Instead of calling him back, Richard logged in once again and checked the location history. He looked where Richard had been through in the past 2 hours. If he was in the field, he did not need to worry, but if he was not then it was a matter of concern.

So by looking at the location history you can catch the person red handed if the person is lying to you. Where they have been through and why they are not present where they should be, you can get every single detail.

moni 3


Mother: Let me make it clear for you John, you are not going to that club again. You got it?

Kid: Ok mom, I am sorry. My friends were asking me to come. I will not go there again.

Mother: Whatever it is. It’s not a good place for you. So, be careful next time.

Kid: Ok

One day the mother got an alert notifying her that her kid went to the same club again, while few minutes back the kid told her that he was going to a friend’s place. Now the mother is aware about her kid’s location and can take necessary preventive measures accordingly. With Geo-fencing feature you can actually mark areas as restricted and safe zones. The mother got an instant alert as she had put that club in red (restricted) zone. So whenever her kid enters or leaves that club, she would be notified. Similarly, you can get alerts both via email and SMS.


Why You Need To Track A Phone?

There are different scenarios that might tell you why you need to have a tracking solution for you. You are just a few clicks away from that.

Track the Phone in case it is stolen


You can’t afford your phone to be lost or stolen. With tracking app, you can not only locate your phone location, but can also send remote commands that can lock your phone or can wipe out phone data. Same is the case with the mobile of your kids and employees. Obviously, you can’t take the risk of leaking confidential data saved in the mobile.

Track location of your employee

If you are running a delivery business or your employee works in the field most of the time, then you need to install it on your employees mobile to keep a check on his/her whereabouts.


Track location of your kids

You can check the location of your kids. If they are not in the school, then where are they? Are they safe or not? With tracking software you can track their exact location whenever you want.


The above scenarios are one aspect of using mobile monitoring software. But the other exclusive features like monitoring call logs, IMs, emails will also make you think about it for your well-being.

As the use of technology is massive, you can’t have control over everything. With the passage of time technology is changing. The chances of data leakage are also becoming high. Anonymous predators are already looking at you and your data. Don’t be a victim or do not let your kids be victimized even. Take your call now and install the mobile tracking software for instant relief of all your worries.