There aren’t many marketing platforms that let you communicate with real people. Even in this digital Web 2.0 world, email is an exceptional case. When you have the right mailing list, you can reach the right people for sure. That having said, like any other platform, email marketing has its own downsides as well.

Bounce Rate and lack of deliverability are two major things here to be noted. In case you don’t know, when you have lots of invalid email addresses, the bounce rate would be definitely high. That is why professional recommend a proper email validation tool before launching a campaign.

Now, there are a lot of email validation services out there, but most of them aren’t flexible to use. However, the case of MailboxValidator is an exception indeed. That is why we decided to come up with a brief review of MailboxValidator and how it can help you create the best mailing list.

What is MailboxValidator?

Technically speaking, MailboxValidator is an email validation service. It lets you validate a particular address to see if it’s original. However, the difference is that you can validate an entire mailing list for your campaign. And you would have a list-based result of which email addresses are valid and which are not.

Mailbox Validator 1

In other words, MailboxValidator is an email list cleaning service as well. It cleans your email mailing list so that it contains legit emails only. Of course, there are a few features that make MailboxValidator one of the best services out there. Let’s have a look at that.

Using MailboxValidator

Even if you are completely new to the world of email validation, using MailboxValidator is extremely simple.

Once you have logged into the dashboard of MailboxValidator, there are two options — Bulk Plan and API Plan. This will be available depending on the plan you have chosen. In Bulk Email Validation mode, you can simply upload an email list to see how many of them are valid and how many are not. Since the service supports CSV files, you can upload a CSV files with the email addresses.

Mailbox Validator 2

The interface also lets you validate individual email address. It would check whether a single email address is working or not. When you have a smaller email list — say 30 or 50 —, you can use this feature to filter out the suspicious ones. Even for single email verification, MailboxValidator provides the necessary information to make things authentic.

Mailbox Validator 3

One thing we loved in MailboxValidator is that it shows an Email Score as well. This score denotes the value of the email address.

Integrations that Matter

You cannot always have the CSV file with you, right? Thankfully, MailboxValidator is offering integrations to popular services like MailChimp, Zapier, SendGrid etc. The integration and usage are quite easy too.

For instance, to import data from MailChimp, you can click on the ‘Import MailChimp Data’ button from the navigation menu. Once you have logged in using the credentials, bringing all the email addresses from one group is a single click away. You can do the same thing with same easiness regardless the email marketing service that you’re using.

Mailbox Validator 4

This integration makes MailboxValidator one of the easiest to use tools as well. It’s also great that the tool is focusing on features that we need.

More Noteworthy Features

Apart from bulk email verification and meaningful integrations, there are some other features as well. Some of such features in MailboxValidator are:

  • Multiple Validation Modes ensure that you know every aspect of an email ID. For instance, the service tells you whether the network connection is good, whether the server is using spam as honeypot or if the email address is from a disposable email address provider.
  • MailboxValidator can also help you remove duplicate email addresses from the list. This would have a notable impact on the overall bounce rate management and deliverability of an email campaign.
  • In addition to these, MailboxValidator shows more details about the email address in an extensive manner as well.

As we said earlier, these features are pretty great when you need the best mailing list that doesn’t cause the problems of bounce rates.


MailboxValidator offers different plans for the Bulk Plan and the API Plan. In both plans, you will have to pay according to the number of credits/queries that are to be performed. For instance, in the Bulk Plan, the basic one starts at $19.95, where you get 1000 queries in total. At the same time, in API plan, you have to pay an amount of $29.95 for 3000 queries in total.

Mailbox Validator 5

In addition to these, both the API and Bulk plans have free trial versions, where you get 300 and 100 queries respectively. You can check out the complete MailboxValidator plans in the official website.

The Bottom Line

Considering all these features and easy-to-use interface, we think MailboxValidator is one of the must-have tools for most email marketing professionals out there. Compared to the features and detailed reports you get, the pricing of MailboxValidator is reasonable indeed.