Magento is one of the very few popular platforms that are downloaded almost 5,000 times every day. The credit goes to its high level of usability and customization features. 

Magento provides excellent design and coding functionalities to produce a visually appealing design while improving the user experience as well as the appearance of the website.

But if you wish to harness the capabilities of Magento to the optimum level, you need some of the proven and practically useful tips. 

Here are the best Magento website design tips:

1- Provide AI-Powered Personalization Feature

Magento announced AI integration with its Magento Commerce this year. It means you can now improve the shopping experience of the customers by adding a personalization feature to your website design. For example:

  • You can allow customers to sort items of their choice for a more personalized search.
  • Make the product search more relevant by replacing keyword search with context-based search and by adding visual search.
  • Help buyers get better deals on a product they wish to buy by automating the process of studying the changes in the product quantity, price, or addition of a new product.
  • Help customers discover relevant products while making a purchase, through Magento’s new release called ‘Product Recommendations’.

Here is a great example of Magento-based Vision E Boutique website that utilized AI to replace keyword search with the context-based search:

Similarly, it included different filters to display the most relevant results to the user, as you can see below:

When you use AI-powered personalization, you design the website according to the targeted customers. Consequently, your site achieves increased sales and customer persistence period.  

You should take the help of Magento experts to make custom changes to your store. I would recommend Bing Digital because their Magento certified developers are fully-trained to deliver custom solutions according to your business needs.

2- Create A Seamless Payment Process

Magento’s powerful payment features simplify and streamline the process on any device. Leverage these features to integrate your site with a hassle-free and quick payment process. 

Here is how you can add it to your Magento website design:

  • Integrate your site with multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal,, and other payment extensions through Magento Connect. 
  • Also offer other options to accept the payment through checks, money orders, and PayPal Credit.  
  • Allow customers to save their shopping credentials, addresses, and other information for future use.
  • Mention shipping rates clearly, whether it is free shipping, flat shipping rate per order or item, or variable rates based on real-time shipping rates of different service providers.
  • Provide order tracking from customer’s accounts.

3- Emphasize On Smart Navigation

If you want to keep visitors on your site to explore further, smart navigation is the key. 

Here are a few useful page navigation tips for Magento websites:

  • Create balance within navigation links. Make sure the page doesn’t have either too many or fewer links. Start with prioritizing what you want your customer to do on your home page. At the time also consider what a visitor might want on the page. 
  • Mind the placement of navigation. Whether it is a header navigation bar, sidebar, and footer, their placement must be appropriate. Place navigation at obvious locations where visitors expect it to be. 
  • Make the sidebar standout. Use contrast background color in the sidebar against the body copy. White space or negative space also works well to ensure sufficient separation between the sidebar and the other elements. 
  • Make hypertexts recognizable. Use a different color, underline it, or make it bold. If required you can turn header navigation links into buttons.
  • Use Magento’s layered navigation extension. Provide more search options to your audiences so that they can filter their search to find their desired product from a large collection. 

Here is an excellent site navigation example of the WE3 website. The site aims to encourage users to find their friends in the city. 

Plus, it has three different download links, a search bar, and social links. Altogether, they create a smart navigation system that fulfills the requirements for both the user and the business.

4- Include Courtesy Navigation

Courtesy navigation is quite useful in conducting secondary activities, especially if you target global customers. It allows customers to choose language, currency, switch accounts, and perform many more similar activities.

It should be placed in a prominent position where it can be conveniently available, preferably at the top of the header. A recognizable icon positioned above-the-fold page can be also easy to spot. 

Since, courtesy navigation also influences the customers, their experience, and involvement, it is essential to consider its appropriate application.

Catbird is a popular jewelry brand in Brooklyn, New York that utilized courtesy navigation to improve user experience. Notice how nicely the option for accessibility adjustment has been placed on the home page. The pop-up page offers multiple adjustment options along with language selection for a seamless user experience.  

5- Feature In-Stock And Out-Of-Stock Notification Form 

Include Magento stock alerts on your product page to ensure customers see full inventory in real-time. 

Provide your customers a sign-up form so that they receive stock alerts and emails when items are back in stock. 

But you need to place the form wisely; just below the product that is out of stock so that the people quickly sign up and subscribe to get stock notifications. 

Utilize Magento extensions FMEextensions and Amasty to offer out-of-stock notification. These extensions also send Magento back in stock notifications to customers, track all stocks and price subscriptions, and notify admin users upon new subscription. You can also leverage the power of Magento SEO extensions to improve the online presence of your store.

Here is an excellent example of how Magento stock alert on a product page looks like:


A great website design has the power to create a superior user experience, which in turn drives maximum conversions, sales, and customer loyalty. 

With Magento, there is massive scope for designing a page. The above-suggested tips perfectly suit the Magento site, as they are created considering Magento’s features to inspire customer curiosity while raising the bar of page usability.