Are you looking to optimize space on your Mac device? Are you looking to delete some games from your Ac device completely, like Fortnite? Are you finding an easy way to erase your Mac device? Stop looking here and there.

With the advent of Macube Cleaner, you can perform all these tasks within a few clicks of the mouse and even perform several other functions. No need to stress about privacy issues and security. Just select the files you want to remove, and with a single click, everything will be gone. Let us discuss all its features in detail.

Features of Macube Cleaner

Smart Scan

With Smart Scan, the software detects the model of your device and the network status of the internet. You can view the speed of your internet connection connected to Mac. On top of that, it detects the junk files(system, mail, iTunes)within your device and empties the trash without any threat to your device’s security and privacy. Once you use the feature, you will be shocked to know the space wasted due to these junk files.

Remove old and large files

With this software, you can check the files that are stored on your Mac device for a long time and remove them to make some space on your device. With a 128 GB or 256GB variant of Mac, you have to think about the space before storing everything. The software allows you to find larger files, especially the ones that accommodate space more than 1GB, to let you decide which to keep and which to delete. On top of that, other files will be categorized according to the space they consume, for example, more than 50 MB or 100 MB.

Remove redundant files

With Macube Cleaner, you can locate duplicate and similar files like songs, pictures on your device within a matter of some click and then delete them to empty the space. When it comes to similar content, the software will automatically select some images with respect to the similarity you select to preview. You can also select them manually. When you have selected the ones to remove, you can delete them with a single click of the mouse.

Shred the files permanently

If you are looking to delete some files permanently, then just select them and hit the erase button. All done. The files are deleted permanently without any unnecessary hassle. No matter which file you choose, the software will delete the file and leave no trace of it on your device. So, choose carefully and think twice before hitting the erase button, as once the process starts, you cannot pause or cancel it. The files will be shot permanently.

Remove the apps from a Mac without any leftovers

Macube Cleaner allows you to delete the app from your device smoothly without leaving any trace of it. When you drag the apps to the trash, some data and files are still left on your device that consumes some space on your device. To remove everything completely, just use the uninstaller feature of the software, select the app you want to delete, and hit the delete button.

Clear private browsing files properly

Whether it is cleaning the unwanted files of the browser or your browsing history, with Macuble Cleaner, you can clear everything smoothly. The software will display the data of the browser so that you can preview it before deleting it.

Quick management of the extensions

There are several extensions and add-ons on the Mac device. The software clubs them together and allows you to manage them properly so that you can view which ones you require and which are unwanted. You can remove the unwanted ones smoothly.

With these fantastic features, all you need to do is get a subscription and start using the software. Let us now see the pricing plans of the software.


1-Month Subscription Plan

Here you have to spend $5.95  per month to use all the features of the software for one month on one Mac device.

1-Year Subscription Plan

Here you have to spend $2.95 per month to use all the features of the software for one month on one Mac device.

Lifetime Subscription Plan

If you are looking to own the software for a lifetime, pay $69.95 upfront and enjoy all the features for a lifetime on two Mac devices. You will get all the updates for the software as soon as they are released.

The prices of all the plans are exclusive of the sales tax. While downloading the software, you don’t have to stress about any malware or virus that will threaten your data as it’s totally safe. The support team aids you in everything with a quick response time of 24 hours. Just send them your query, and they will offer the best solution within the least possible time.

The software also offers a free download of the software to try its exciting features before going with its subscription.

Final Verdict

Enjoy the smooth and hassle-free cleaning process of your Mac device with the Macube Cleaner. It has tons of amazing features at nominal prices. Gone are the days when you need to search for the hidden files to empty the pace on your Mac. Download the software now and see the magic yourself.