A lot of online retailers, even one man bands have a sit and wait attitude towards revenue. They expect sales to “pick up” even though they’ve had poor results for many years. It’s no surprise that many online stores shut down because of low conversions.

I find it interesting that low conversion rates are something of a taboo subject to many people. It’s a subject they don’t wish to discuss like it’s confirmation they fail at life or something. The truth is: successful online trading revolves around conversions.

elephant in the room

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When you have a visitor on your website, you want them to do something. If you sell products and services, you expect them to buy those items. You don’t want them to buy from your competitors! When people stop buying from you, it’s crucial to find out what that is the case.

Low conversion rates are the virtual elephant in the room. It’s time we start talking about them, and how to improve them.

Why do you have low conversion rates?

I’m afraid the answer isn’t a quick or simple one. The cause might be down to just one problem. Or it could be a succession of issues. Examples can be anything from poor site design to mobile usability problems. One reason might even be poor website security.

Conversion rate optimisation will help you to identify what’s going wrong with your site. You might be wondering what is conversion rate optimisation. Let me explain in a few short bullet points:

  • It’s the process of fixing problems that cause poor conversions;
  • Conversions are what happens when a visitor clicks on a call to action;
  • Call to actions are buttons or links that get people to do something.

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Many people assume low conversions are down to just poor site design. The truth is: the answer could lie elsewhere! Here are five examples:

1. No-one knows what your product or service does

You might have some copy on your site describing what you sell. But, does it explain how those items solve people’s problems? This is one of the main stumbling blocks for some website owners.

2. You’re targeting the wrong audience

Let’s say that you’ve developed some useful business software. If your target audience is teenagers, you need to stop what you’re doing! It’s time to reassess who SHOULD be using your software.

3. Your website is blocking search engines

One epic fail that many embarrassed site owners make is to block search engines from their site. When you do that, you’ll get no organic search engine visitors. You may as well not have a website if you don’t fix the problem!

4. There is too much choice

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when there is too much choice on offer! People lead busy lives and want to make quick decisions. They don’t wish to procrastinate while they think about which choice to make.

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5. There isn’t a market for what you’re offering

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell something or spread awareness of a message. What does matter is knowing what you offer will interest some folks. If no-one wants what you want, it’s time to change your tactics.

As you can see, it’s important to talk about low conversions. And it’s crucial to do something about them now!