For many production lines, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is an essential part of the quality control process. CMMs help ensure that parts being produced match the blueprint specifications, and can save a lot of time and reduce a production line’s net waste by catching errors before they become a major problem.

While many companies that require metrology services contract their needs out to third party metrology providers equipped with the latest equipment and expert staff, in cases where a CMM is an integral part of the daily operations of a production line, it is much more economical to purchase your own CMM. Not only will this save on rental fees, it can also help make your production line more efficient and reduce costly bottlenecks.

When it comes to purchasing a CMM, there are many different options, from large-scale gantry and bridge CMMs to portable arms, laser scanners, and white light scanners. What kind of CMM works best for a particular production line depends on the needs of the line itself (e.g., the size and delicacy of the parts being produced, the space available, etc.), but in most cases businesses that want to outfit their production line with high quality CMM technology can find a range of affordable second-hand options available.

When purchasing a used CMM, however, it is important to buy from specialized dealers. CMM technology is complex, and if a CMM has not been properly calibrated or isn’t in good working condition, it can introduce costly errors into your production line. When considering CMM providers, look for established companies that specialize in metrology solutions. While it may be tempting to try to find a used CMM through an online forum or marketplace, it is important to remember that a deal that looks too good to be true probably is. When it comes to the machinery that is managing quality control for your production line, don’t take any chances: only buy from specialist providers.

Fortunately, there are options. For example, Canadian Measurement Metrology has been one of the Canada’s main providers of metrology solutions since it was founded in 1986, and sells a range of high quality used CMMs. Whether you are looking for a gantry or bridge CMM, a Leica laser tracker, a horizontal arm, or an optical probe CMM, you can find used coordinate measuring machines from the best brands in metrology at competitive prices at Canadian Measurement Metrology. All used CMMs are put through a rigorous check before being sold, so you can make your purchase safe in the knowledge that the used CMM you buy is in the best possible condition.

Quality control will always be one of the most important factors in generating and keeping new business, and CMMs can help you ensure that quality control is quick and responsive, catching errors before they get out of hand and reducing waste. If you are considering purchasing a CMM to make your production line more efficient, remember that it is very possible to find a good deal on a used CMMs as long as you’re buying from a reliable source within the metrology world.