The gambling market is always striving to create new products and remain relevant and innovative. The markets biggest shift came at the turn of the century when online gaming boomed and thousands of customers flocked to online casinos instead of heading out to traditional land-based establishments. Ever since the industry has grown year on year globally, and countless new online casinos have opened.

The industry is not one to rest on its laurels and thanks to the incredible power of modern technology has been able to create new and exciting ways of gaming. As the online gaming market is so saturated, casinos are fighting for our attention, this is excellent for the consumer as from sign up bonuses to themed slots or VR gaming they doing all they can to produce innovative and exciting ways to wager.

One of the biggest and best recent trends in the gaming market is live casinos. This is an online casino experience where the dealer and the game are streamed to the player live in realtime.

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What’s The Appeal Of Live Casinos

A big reason many traditional gamblers have steered clear of online casinos is they feel it lacks the appeal of a land-based venue. With no dealer, atmosphere or human interaction, it is understandable that many players don’t simply want to play RNG games. Software developers have worked hard to produce a smooth and realistic casino experience and thanks to their impressive quality, live-streamed games have filled the void in the market and opened online gaming up to thousands of new players.

When playing at a live casino, there is a real dealer, dealing real cards to you and other players online. This is streamed live to your desktop or mobile device and often has chat features that allow you to interact with other players and the dealer. This means you can experience all of the perks of classic casino table games from the luxury of your own home, you no longer need to travel to engage with other players or the game.

This has revolutionised the gaming market and its easy to see why live dealer products have become some of the most sought after and in demand of recent years. The best casinos offer live streams in crisp HD, lag-free real-time events, quality audio, friendly and attractive croupiers and phenomenal RTP rates. What’s not to love?

Live Casino Games 

Thanks to their explosion in popularity, casinos and developers have invested heavily in the creation of new live-streamed games. Not only are they of exceptional quality but there is a fantastic selection of games to play. Here are a handful of the glamorous glitzy games you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home:

  • Poker

Of course this heavyweight of the gambling world is available as a live game.Thanks to the wonders of technology you can now sit around a table filled with players from across the globe and place wagers against each other. The game can still be extremely social as you can interact with both the dealer and your fellow players. The game selection for live poker is fantastic, it varies from casino to casino but usually, options include Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Omaha and many many more.

  • Roulette

One of the most thrilling live games on the market has to be roulette. The excitement of the casino is directly streamed to you as you watch the dealer spin a real-life wheel. Many players feel this is far more exhilarating than relying on RNG and an animated wheel. Once again players can interact with fellow players and the dealer and choose from a great variety of live games including French, American and European roulette.

  • Blackjack

Another land-based favourite has been excellently transported into your home thanks to live stream! Nearly all live casinos will allow you to enjoy blackjack with a real dealer. Just as in a traditional setting you can make the most of the low house edge, ease of play and put your fantastic strategy skills to work. Thanks to blackjacks popularity all good casinos offer a brilliant selection of live games such as Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, European Blackjack and Spanish 21.

  • Lotteries

Live steamed casino events aren’t just limited to table games. Fans of lotteries will be pleased to know that they too can enjoy playing live! The live-streamed experience is far more immersive than online gaming lotteries as players can watch live croupiers hosting the games and engage with fellow players using live chat functions.