Leveling in World of Warcraft: Classic is one of the key topics that worry the vast majority of players. In general, this is not surprising, because pumping a character to the maximum level, up to the Cataclysm, will be an extremely difficult task. It becomes even more difficult in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as the developers at Activision Blizzard put full spokes into the wheels of the existing systems from the classic version of the game. How best to pump a character, what to focus on and what are the nuances? And how to properly use WoW Classic Level Boost in WotLK.

This 1-80 character leveling guide will teach you how to level up quickly in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, including overviews and ratings of dominant specializations, tips for best and fastest leveling, dungeon leveling, equipment, and links to all guides to maximize use your leveling experience you can find at Buying WotLK level boost.

First, let’s figure out which class is best to start playing WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic and why.

  1. The best fighters of the add-on

If you prefer to play as a damage-dealing hero and plan to conquer high-level PvE content, then you need to pay attention to the following classes and their specializations, which will be popular in different phases of the expansion using WoW Classic Level Boost in WotLK:

  •       Death Knight “Ice” and “Unholy”;
  •       Rogue “Fight” and “Liquidation”;
  •       Magician “Fire” and “Arcane”;
  •       Hunter “Shooting” and “Survival”;
  •       Shaman “Improvement”;
  •       Druid “Force of the Beast”;
  •       Warlock “Sorcery” and “Demonologist”.

The listed classes have huge potential throughout the expansion, they deal decent damage and perform well in any of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic raids. Those classes and specializations that are not on the list have several disadvantages that hinder progress. Therefore, if you plan to engage in the development of only one character, then choose one of the options we have proposed.

  1. TOP healers

In WotLK, the list of healers is rather poor. Players are offered only 5 options:

  •       1st place – Paladin “Light”
  •       2nd place – Druid “Healing” and Priest “Obedience”
  •       3rd place – Shaman “Healing”
  •       4th place – Priest “Light”

As you can see, Holy Paladins will be the most popular. Of course, you can immediately select this class and use WoW Classic Level Boost in WotLK, but don’t rush. The fact is that there will be a lot of healer paladins in the game from the very beginning of the expansion. This will cause some difficulties for beginners, as more experienced healer paladins will quickly find good guilds and take places in raid groups. Simply put, it will be difficult for you to find a group to play PvE content due to high competition. Therefore, the best solution would be to create either a Druid “Restoration” or a Priest “Discipline”.

  1. Best classes in WotLK for beginners

The best class for those who have never played WotLK is Druid. It will allow an inexperienced hero to see the game from different angles and greatly facilitate the process of pumping. Druid Benefits:

  • It is possible to switch between specializations for melee damage, ranged damage, tank, and healer. You can choose what you like – tanking, healing allies, or dealing damage without having to level up a new hero.
  • Mobile, which is quite useful when collecting resources for professions.
  • tenacious. The leveling process in Wrath of the Lich King is difficult and many classes find it hard to level up as they don’t have special defensive/healing skills. But this does not apply to the druid. This class is quite tenacious, has abilities for defense, and can heal itself during battle.
  • The popularity of tank and DPS specs. Having chosen a druid, you will be able to get into the raid without any problems if you have chosen a tank build or a DPS build in the Feral specialization.

Other options for beginners:

  • Hunter. Deals high damage, has up-to-date specializations and can summon a pet that acts as a tank, which makes it easier to pump.
  • Paladin. Like the Druid, he has specializations for different roles – DPS, healer, and tank. Deals good damage at the pumping stage, is tenacious and is especially popular as a healer and tank.
  • Warlock. A good ranged DPS that can summon pets. It is in demand in raids and is suitable for PvP if you are interested in fighting other players.

How to improve your skills

Of course, every player wants to develop their gaming skills. In WoW real users play with each other, so to enhance character abilities cost Buying WotLK level boost for this you can fulfill the following conditions:

  • purchase high-quality gaming equipment;
  • find like-minded people with whom you can share tips and artifacts while playing World of Warcraft:
  • follow the thematic forums and blogs where you can learn a lot of useful tricks:
  • watch streams of the best gamers, in their game you will be able to gain new knowledge.

Of course, it is important not only to follow other people’s advice but also to try your methods of leveling characters. Only regular battles will allow you to strengthen and move to new levels.

Common Gamer Mistakes

Unfortunately, even a lot of knowledge can not save you from mistakes. Lack of strategy, an unplanned decision, or inconsistency of the team can lead to a serious deterioration in the rating.

The most common mistakes in the game:

  • poor team selection, the unwillingness of gamers to play together
  • ignorance of their weaknesses,
  • asking for help in general chats where people can jokingly give you a bad

In these cases, to maintain and improve the rating, you should use WotLK Classic Leveling Carry. If you want to level up your game character, get the opportunity to play with friends, or move to difficult ones faster the horologist will conduct the levels, then strengthening the hero with additional tools can be a great solution. Something exciting and enticing about having a playable character progresses faster than anyone else. Some call this approach cheating, but it’s not.