Are you a movie buff? Do you prefer watching movies on your tablet or phone? If yes, then read on, as we will be revealing the names of 7 awesome apps that can be used by every movie aficionado to stream movies on the go.

So, whether you are commuting, having break-time in the office or lying cozy in your bed, you can stream your favorite movies from a list of innumerable movies present in theses apps. Installing any of these apps gives you access to the marvelous world of movie streaming.

The best thing about these apps is that all of these are legitimate. These apps have got something for everyone, as one can watch movies of any genre be it action, comedy, family, documentary, romantic, horror or drama.  Bereft streaming movies, you can also stream TV shows that too for free. So if you are out and don’t want to miss your favorite show then you can watch it live on your phone. Isn’t it amazing?

You must be excited to see the list. So, here are 7 legitimate free movie streaming apps: 

1. Crackle

It is an incredible movie streaming app that has a colossal library containing movies of all the genres. It offers a hassle-free experience of streaming movies in a go. The app supports almost all the devices, not just smartphones or tablets but much more. It is compatible with smart TV’s, gaming consoles, streaming players, iPhones, iPods and many more devices.

The interface is easy to work, lucid and user-friendly. The quality of videos is impressive and the overall streaming experience it fetches is quite smooth and amazing. The app has an option of logging in but that’s not mandatory. One can see live videos and movies even bereft logging in.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV app is incredible in terms of its appearance. The app is optimized for mobile and looks similar to its desktop website. It is one of the best legal streaming sites. It is an easy-to-use app that has a plethora of astonishing features.

The app has an enormous video library with almost all movies of the decade and even older than that. A search tool is available in the app that lets you find your favorite movie effortlessly. The movie cover is large enough that allows you to easily see it bereft having the need to tap on it.

When a movie is chosen, you can see its description that shows its duration, rating, release date, and genre. It supports devices such as smart TVs, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch screen, Chromecast and much more.

3. Viewster

Viewster is another app offering a remarkable experience of viewing videos. It not just allows you to stream movies, but you can even watch your favorite shows live. The app can be installed in an array of devices and the developers are mending the app further to make it compatible with even more devices. Currently, it supports a plethora of phones, tablets, smart TVs and streaming players.

It works superbly on iPhones and has mammoth video library. The movies are grouped on the basis of various categories, so you can apply various filters to browse through your kind of stuff. You can apply filters related to language, genre, year, ratings etc. There is even an option of sorting the results that facilitate you to find your preferred movie rapidly.

The icing on the cake is the fact that this app allows its users to flick through the biography of actors, watch latest movies trailers and get access to latest celebrity news.

4. Yidio

Yidio is a handy app that works on only a few devices but offers incredible features and superior video streaming.  You can find copious of free videos in the app. The app is compatible with Android devices, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPads, Kindle, iPod touch and much more.

You can even apply filters according to your preference so that you find the movies that suit your taste. There are myriads of filters that can be applied such as MPAA rating, genre, source, premiere date. There is an option of hiding the watched video for user’s convenience.

Bereft movies, you can also stream your favorite TV shows or watch trending videos. The quality of videos is fine well complimented by wonderful sound quality. The videos can be best enjoyed with headphones in your ears as then you can experience optimum sound quality. 

5. Snag Films

It is yet another legitimate video streaming app that offers premium quality videos. It supports oodles of devices and lets you even share the movies in various social media platforms.  The supported devices include iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox 360, Panasonic Blu-ray player, Kindle, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

You can search for your favorite videos by applying various filters. It also has playlists like most popular, recently added and similar options that accelerate your search.  This robust app is user-friendly and lets you enjoy your favorite videos seamlessly. 

6. Popcornflix

It is another captivating movie app that will keep you hooked in your devices and let you enjoy latest movies and TV shows even when you are away from your computer. It supports several devices such as Samsung TV, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Kindle, Xbox, and Blackberry. Moreover, you can also check IMDB ratings of every movie in this app.

The app contains numerous movies of the varied genre, where everyone can find their type of movie. You can even sort the movies for a quicker search. It gives you the option to add your favorite movies to a queue and gather them even bereft logging into your account.

7. Internet Archive

It is an app exclusively for iPhones, iPods and iPads. This handy app allows the users to scroll through a list containing a copious of movies. The quality of videos is simply stunning and ideal for all iOS users.

Though, the movies are hidden in the menus but once found, they can be sorted based on popularity, date added and many more parameters. Like Editor’s Choice in Google Play, this app has hand-picked films category that contains movies recommended by Internet Archive’s team.

So, this was our well-curated list of 7 apps that can keep you hooked anywhere. You can try all of them or download any of these. We guarantee you with a fine viewing experience. You’ll be able to find the movie of your choice and you can enjoy it anywhere.

All these apps are legal and won’t harm your devices.  You even don’t need to take the risk of rooting your device to use these. Now, just don’t read, download any of these apps right away. Happy movie streaming!