Donglify is the software solution for anyone struggling with how to copy USB dongles over a network connection.

If you love using USB security dongles, then you’ve experienced the challenges around getting remote access to your security keys. Our experts at Electronic Teams, Inc., rectified this problem.


We created the dedicated USB dongle key copy software called Donglify, simplifying the process of sharing USB security dongles via a network connection- solving the problem of how to copy dongles for users of any skill level. 

Donglify is an unobtrusive desktop app allowing USB hardware keys to connect easily with remote computers over a network.  

Our USB dongle key copy software utilizes 2048-bit SSL encryption, ensuring you always have a secure connection protecting your sensitive data from interruption or getting lost when you clone USB dongles.

One of Donglify’s coolest features is the ability to redirect one USB security dongle to multiple PCs at once. To make USB security keys usable on multiple computers: simply connect your dongle to the PC you’re using, and share the dongle over your network. 

This is accomplished with only a few clicks of the mouse! 

Learn How To Copy Dongle USB Keys


Donglify Benefits:

. Simultaneous USB Dongle Accessibility

In just a few clicks, easily share one USB dongle with multiple computers simultaneously.

. Complete Control Of Your Dongles From Remote Computers

When you clone USB dongles and share them with a remote computer, you’ll enjoy total functionality and control over the security key, as if the dongle is plugged directly into the remote machine. 

. Feel Safe With Donglify’s Security Encryptions

Donglify uses 2048-bit SSL encryption to reliably protect and secure all of your connections.

. An All-In-One Solution Anyone Can Use

Donglify eliminates the headache of finding extra hardware or tools for those wanting to know how to copy USB dongles. That means no hubs and no cables. 

Sharing USB dongles plugged into one computer with a remote system is simple, easy, and requires nothing but the Donglify app.

Please Note: The ‘Multi-Connect’ Function is Currently Compatible With:

  • HASP HL 2.16
  • HASP HL Pro 3.25
  • Sentinel HL 4.34 (3 Variations)
  • Sentinel UltraPro
  • Sentinel HL 4.27
  • Sentinel HL 4.31
  • Sentinel HL 4.54
  • Hardlock USB 1.02
  • Feitian Technologies ROCKEY Dongle
  • SafeNet eToken 5110
  • CodeMeter CmStic

You can share additional types of USB dongle keys, but only one remote computer can access them at a time.