Casinos have been around for centuries. At first, they were places where members of the high society could meet, play, and have a good time, later they became open for the masses. Today, the casino industry is a thriving business with billions in revenues – and further billions in taxes paid – each year. About two decades ago, though, a new competitor for the gambling business arose: the online casino. It has proven to be a worthy one, too – in twenty years it has grown at an incredible pace. For most, the two industries sound the same – two faces of the same coin. There are, in turn, many major differences between land-based casinos like Jackpot Junction and online casinos, differences technology couldn’t overcome just yet.


One thing that makes the online casino a preferred way for many to play is its accessibility. You can play games at Wild Jack online casino whenever you want, wherever you are – the only restrictions you have come from the applicable laws of the country you live in. In most European countries, players are free to play at the Wild Jack or any other online casino they like – they have to be of legal age, of course, and pay taxes on their winnings. As land-based casinos are usually located in major settlements or tourist destinations, online casinos are the only accessible way to play for many gamblers.

Casual play

When you think of it, the Wild Jack and the rest of the online gambling destinations are not entirely different from all other online games. Of course, there’s the possibility of playing their games for real money. Still, there are thousands, if not millions of players worldwide who visit the Wild Jack and the rest of the online gambling destinations to play for fun, with no real money involved.

Studies have shown that even those playing casino games for real money do it casually – their gaming is infrequent, and the money they spend on games is a minuscule amount compared to a land-based casino. On the other hand, social casinos – mobile games with a selection of slot machines and other casino games – are a major success, offering their players a carefree, casual way to play with no cash involved. They can’t compete with real money gaming venues when it comes to variety but they are accessible even in jurisdictions where access to the real thing is restricted.

Social interaction

There is one area where land-based gambling is clearly superior – the social one. Online gambling doesn’t involve true interactions between players, which makes them much more impersonal an experience than actually visiting a casino. This might become a thing of the past, though, once online casinos make use of the possibilities of virtual reality. They may in the future become social hubs for online gamblers, much like real life casinos are today.