Reaching your customers isn’t always about what you say, it’s where, when, and how you say it. Whether you are reaching out to customers using social media, or speaking to recruits on LinkedIn, it’s important to nail it and develop a consistent voice for your brand or company no matter who you are speaking to. With that in mind, there are certain editorial guidelines and rules you need to follow when using specific platforms for outreach. In order to track down the best ways to communicate with potential customers, clients, and recruits we reached out to JustFly, an online travel agency. They gave us a few pointers on the best ways to get your message across.


 First things first, 140 characters. Okay? Good. According to JustFly’s review, Twitter is best used as a bridge, getting people from the largest content aggregator on the planet to your content. JustFly recommends actually writing to a tighter limit, setting a goal of 100 characters to sell your pitch. This leaves room for any links or hash tagging you want to get in. But what about content? You’ll want your best headline writer on the job as the ability to get a point across in convincing fashion is critical to strong Twitter writing. There are numerous ways to write good headlines. This includes traditional headlines, questions, challenges, and more.



 Much like Twitter, Facebook posts can be something of a bridge to somewhere else online. With that being said, there are numerous approaches one can take in regards to posting on Facebook. Its more eye-friendly layout allows for sharing of articles. The platform itself also allows for much more interaction with potential customers. It can be used to generate dialogue about your product, receive feedback, and settle customer service issues. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be extra careful on Facebook, and Twitter, in regards to political correctness. Do not make your page a soundboard for contentious political or social debate. It’s your space, so dictate the direction and keep it positive, inclusive, and safe in regards to your reputation as a company.



 Finally something for those with more journalistic intent. While LinkedIn is also a place for sharing company news and events, it is also a great place to sell your company to potential recruits and partners according to JustFly.


This means taking a deep look at what makes the company appealing and sharing it with your readers on LinkedIn. This can include deeper looks at tech your company uses, employee profiles, and much more.