In running a business, you undoubtedly know how important of a role technology plays, especially in today’s digital age.

That said are you doing all you can when it comes to making sure technology is a key component of your business operations?

In the event the answer is no to that question, you could see your sales revenue being directly impacted as a result.

With a focus on business technology in mind, take some time to stop and see if you are properly utilizing technology in your business ventures. In the event you are not, there is time to correct any missteps you are making.

As with many things in the business world, the key is always to identify any mistakes you may be making, and then work to fix them sooner than later.

Give Customers Your Best Effort

In order to give customers as much technology as possible in terms of satisfying their needs, here are three examples of important relationships between businesses and technology:

1. Merchant services

How well do you do when it comes to allocating the best merchant services possible in serving your customers?

For instance, do you make using credit cards as easy as can be for your customers?

With the right credit card processing setup in place, your customers should have little to no problems purchasing goods and services and making payments.

With that being said, too many consumers nationwide (and worldwide for that matter) know that smooth service is not always to be found.

From having trouble processing the credit card during an online or in-person checkout to personal information being swiped by identity theft thieves, the credit card process isn’t always a piece of cake for customers.

As a business owner, do all in your power to make sure customers are not inconvenienced at each and every turn of the credit card process.

Part of that effort on your part of being a business owner includes making sure your employees are honest.

Unfortunately, some employees use their positions to end up hurting both consumers and their bosses. In doing so, they can create financial heartache for both.

Make it clear when you hire someone, along with periodically during their employment with you, that any kind of illegal activities involving finances will simply not be tolerated.

2. Online banking

In the world of online banking, business centered here must meet customers’ demands 24/7.

While many businesses can call it day once 5 p.m. or so rolls around, online banking is there at various hours of the day for customers. As a result, continual slip-ups can oftentimes lead to customers changing banks.

If you’re operating in the online banking world, make sure you are providing top-notch features that allow customers to do the following:

  • Review balances and transactions regularly
  • Pay bills and move money between accounts at any point and time. This includes both on computers and on one’s mobile device
  • Submit questions and/or comments when there is an issue (or potential one) regarding the customer’s account

Never Neglect Your Online Business Card

3. Company websites

Last but certainly not least, your website is more important to your business operations than you will probably ever realize.

For starters, look at your website as essentially your online business card.

While you can’t physically hand out your website per se, you can offer it to consumers in a myriad of ways.

From the blog content you post to promoting your site on social media, never stop showcasing how great your site is. In the event your website is in need of some work, don’t put that task to the back of the pile.

Your website should always get top priorities, especially given the digital world that just about everyone chooses to live in these days.

Finally, if you’re not the most adept at running a business website, certainly do not fear reaching out for help.

There are countless companies (and individuals for that matter) that can easily point your website in the direction it needs to go, notably bringing you more business.

In your quest as a business owner to have your hands around as much technology as possible, take a step back to see if you are missing anything.

In the event you are, make it your business to get onboard the tech train.

As a business owner, how are you using technology to make things better for your company?