The appeal of an e-learning website is not just about its visuals, but also its functional aspects. So before you start developing such a website, here are a few key things you must remember.

Focus on the Visuals

When you think of modern-day e-learning websites, you have to consider their target audience – the youth. Young people these days look into the design and aesthetics of things before deciding whether or not they want to delve into it. Hence, the first thing to look into while building such websites is their overall design.

Do not go overboard with the design. As an e-learning platform, you will have to pay attention to the functional aspect of the site too. On top of that, you also have to ensure user-friendliness. You can also opt for a minimalist look. Minimalist web designs are popular these days, especially among the youth. 

Ensure Responsiveness

Over 4 billion internet users worldwide use mobile phones for browsing. That is over 90% of the total number of internet users. Besides, over 30% of smartphone users are using their devices to access various e-learning facilities. And on top of that, studies also suggest that mobile learning improves productivity by 43%. 

It should be clear by now that mobile phones and tablets are the primary devices for many internet users. Many e-learners also prefer using their mobile phones over laptops or PCs because of portability. And to cater to all these people, you will have to make your e-learning website device responsive. That will allow you to appeal to a wider demography. 

Responsive web design has become a norm in the present web development sector. Hence, it is only logical that you implement the same in your e-learning website.

Highlight the Different Available Categories

E-learning platforms have a lot of content to offer. The platform you build will be no different. Hence, to make it easier for your users to navigate through the content, you have to establish proper categories, and arrange the content in them accordingly. 

There are many ways you can arrange these categories. You can always refer to established e-learning and tutoring platforms if you need any sort of guidance regarding this. SweetStudy (formerly HomeworkMarket) is one such website. SweetStudy’s homework help service caters to thousands of students across the US and world. It is a reliable homework and assignment assistance service with professional and skilled tutors. 

The platform offers homework help for a wide number of subjects like math, English, physics, computer science, and so on. To ensure effectiveness, it has well-defined categories. Thus, students can approach any tutor or teacher for their desired subject. You can learn from their approach, and design your platform’s categories accordingly.

Push for More Engaging Content

Visual and interactive content are always in-demand, especially in MOOC platforms. Students are more eager to learn from these types of content. They are more appealing to the users compared to plain-text-based content. Hence, you should always push for this type of engaging content.

For instance, you can have a code editor and compiler embedded on your website if you are running a programming course. Likewise, you can have interactive graphs for mathematical and statistical courses. 

Have a Rating System

Whether you are running a MOOC platform, or a homework assistance and tutoring site, you must have a rating system. Since you are likely to have multiple courses or personnel offering their services, there should be a way to distinguish who or which one is more popular. That will help make your users’ choices easier when they visit your e-learning site to find a course or solution to a problem. 

Most e-learning platforms opt for a five-star rating system. In such a system, the rating starts from 1-star to 5-stars. 1 represents the lowest rank in the system, which means the quality of the content is poor. 5 represents the topmost rank in the system meaning that the quality of the content is of high quality. Similarly, 2 means poor, 3 means average, and 4-stars mean good.

You can also have the option for users to write negative or positive reviews. Many e-learning platforms promote or advertise their top-ranked content or tutors more. Hence, that is an advantage that you, as the site or platform’s owner, can utilize as well.

These are some of the most crucial things you must ensure when building an e-learning platform. You will notice that a lot of these things are crucial for developing most modern websites. That is because the standards across the globe are pretty much the same when it comes to building websites. E-learning platforms just require slight variations of these standards for you to make them appealing to your target audience.