Gone are the days when people used to dread over the long process of filing their taxes. With the advent of newer technologies almost every work can be done with just a few clicks and so it is with tax filing as well. It can now be easily done with the help of internet and a good tax software. These softwares have made it possible for everybody to do your taxes yourself very easily without fretting over the long hours people earlier used to spend on this one thing.

But then again it is very important to choose the right software as per your needs. It may happen that you may not be in need of a top online professional tax software and just require a basic one. In that case why to spend so much in buying a super expensive one when you are not even going to use most of its features. So before you buy a tax software do not forget to assess your needs and also the features of the one that you are buying. If you do not know how to choose, well read further to understand the features a good tax software should surely have.


1. User friendly: Of course this is very important, what is the point of investing on a top online professional tax software if you are unable to understand its specifications and how to work with it. For this make sure to do proper research before investing in a tax software.

2. A Real-Time tax software: Using a real time tax software is extremely vital as they can get the latest information regarding the tax laws and help you in not missing out on any of the deductions and breaks made official by the government.

3. Online support: This too is very important in case you get stuck somewhere and do not want to go to an accountant. This feature will make it very easy for you to file your return.

4. Easy navigation and skipping of sections: You should be easily able to navigate through the forms and skip sections that do not concern you. You will not like getting stuck on a page when you quickly want to get over with this work.


5. Should allow you to file for state as well: If it applies to you them make sure your tax software has this feature. Many tax softwares charge the filing for state separately so in that case you should be well aware of the amount they charge for it.

6. A file back up: These documents are very important ones hence it is always good to have a back up these. A good tax software has to have this feature of taking the back up of these files. It may come in very handy in certain difficult situations.

7. Reminders: A good tax software offers this facility of timely reminders to its clients even if it I of something as simple as just the signature before sending it. This may look small but adds up to make a great tax software.

8. Electronic filing: Finally this is also important if you prefer e-filing instead of printing out the form and mailing it. Just be clear with the charges you may have to pay for the e-filing of your taxes.