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Key Cyber Security Tips For Employees 

Key Cyber Security Tips For Employees

As an employee of a reputed company, there are many responsibilities on your shoulders and security tops the list. This is necessary not only for the company but also for you because using the right security measures will help you get out of trouble, if any. With the advancement in technology, cyber security is important because you’re working on a tech related product most of the time.

Let’s understand specific situations and look for necessary cyber security measures that will keep you safe and happy at work.

1. Different passwords for different applications and devices

While working, you must create a password for applications and devices you use in the office. In some cases, you might have to share your password with someone else and if you’re using the same password for everything, the other person can take advantage of it and his evil intentions can spoil your life. So, make sure that you have different passwords for different applications and devices. Also, make sure that you have a strong password that can be remembered by you. Keeping a password list should be avoided too!

2. Don’t keep electronic gadgets unattended when logged in

It may be the company mobile, laptop or computer; snoopers are targeting it all. Don’t give them the golden opportunity to blame things on you for their wrongdoings. Make sure that you do not leave any electronic gadget unattended when logged in.

3. Keep your devices safe from virus and malware

While working, it is possible you might have to visit specific websites. It is also possible that you might visit other websites during your free time. In either case, it can be troublesome for you if the website you’re viewing can attach your system with virus and malware. Securing your devices is important, and you can even ask the IT team of your company or the employer to look for a strong antivirus and antimalware software. With lucrative offers available on such software, it shouldn’t be a costly affair for the company, keeping in mind that every employee will feel safe at work.

4. Learn about blocked links and websites

While working, even an unintentional click on a popup that takes you to a blocked link or website can be a cause of concern. Here, you have a reason for the mistake. However, if you’re intentionally visiting a website and you do not know whether you’re allowed to visit it or not, you’ll face issues. So, make sure that you learn about blocked links and websites and avoid visiting them, when at work.

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