Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry has gained a global recognition. Indeed, Ukraine is in the list of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations. Today, over one thousand of Ukrainian outsourcing IT companies, with more than 25 thousand specialists cooperate with the UK, West European and even with the US companies.


Many experts agree that dealing with Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies is a mere pleasure, as they offer highly-qualified specialists and top-notch services. So, what are the main benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine?

Highly Qualified IT Specialists


Undoubtedly, the main strength of the Ukrainian IT industry is a huge number of talented and devoted specialists living and working there. In 2013, Ukraine got the fourth position in the rank of countries having the biggest number of certified IT specialists. Ukrainian IT professionals are known not only for their exceptional IT skills, but also for a decent knowledge of English and creative outsourcing approach, that no other country can offer.

Cost-Effective Services


Ukraine is not a part of the European Union, so a vast majority of university graduates having IT certificates are not allowed to work in the European countries. Finding a well-paid job in Ukraine is also not easy. Ukrainian IT specialists and developers earn significantly less money than their ilks working in other European countries. Thus, by outsourcing to Ukraine, it is possible saving from 40 to 60 percent of the project’s budget. In other words, cooperation with Ukrainian IT specialists is a great chance to get highly-qualified labor at a lower cost.

Favourable Geographical Location

Cooperating with a country that is located nearby and at the same time zone is undoubtedly a valuable advantage. This type of outsourcing is called nearshoring. Ukraine is located in a close proximity to most central and western European countries, only a 2-3 hour flight separates Ukraine from the Germany, Spain, France, the UK, etc. Nearby location makes business and social communication easier.

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