Do you have a toll free number for your business? Well, why not? It can be an indispensable asset for any enterprise, regardless of size. The benefits that a toll-free business number brings are endless. It isn’t only all about credibility and brand recognition; toll-free business numbers also increase sales and ROI.

Toll-Free Phone Number, What Is It?

Toll-free phone numbers are simply telephone numbers having special area codes that anyone can dial from landlines. The good thing about toll-free numbers is that it doesn’t charge the person placing the call. When one calls from mobile phone or VoIP-based, though, minute-based charges still apply. A toll-free number can either lead to a dedicated line or get routed using a forwarding service that actually directs the call to one or several lines, a call center, or an answering service.

How To Purchase Toll-Free Numbers?

Business owners can purchase a toll-free phone number from an 800 service provider or phone forwarding service. You can get a virtual phone number from these companies that can keep your business connected to customers 24/7. Customers will get patched into wherever or whatever number you want their call to go to when they dial your toll-free phone number. That means you can answer calls from your home, office, store, or cell phone. You can also opt to connect them to a virtual call center.

Why Should Your Business Have A Toll-Free Number?

Emerging as one of the smart business techniques, a toll-free phone number enables businesses to simplify their functioning, as well as create and improve business opportunities. Read on to take a closer look at why enterprises must avail for toll-free phone numbers in their business operations.

. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Chances are you already have tried to get in touch with a business only to find out that you can’t find their contact information. Surely, you’ll agree that it can be a really frustrating experience that will leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth about a specific company.

Fortunately, using a toll-free phone number, businesses can now improve customer service and satisfaction just merely by making themselves available to take customer calls. A toll-free business number makes it so much easier for your customers and prospects to reach you and have their questions answered. Customers can call you any time and any day without costing them a thing. Of course, the easier it is for your customers to get in contact with you, the more likely they remain loyal to you.

. Hassle-Free And Straightforward Office Set-up Relocation

One of the most significant advantages that toll-free business numbers offer is portability. Switching to another number is no longer necessary when a company moves to another location. Because of the portability of a toll-free phone number, subscribers can retain their old number while also still keeping the same number they’ve nominated for receiving incoming customer calls. This, of course, capacitates enterprises with a business continuity feature. That means prospects, customers, and clients can continue reaching the business and using its services without any disruption.

. Easy To Remember

Another essential benefit of having a toll free business number is that it’s so much easier to remember when compared to any other number. It’s primarily true if the toll-free phone number is a vanity number. Surely, you’ll agree that it will be a lot easier for your customers to remember a 1-800-Flowers number than a 1-800-356-9377 one. If your business number is easy to remember, people will call you more. In return, you’ll get more opportunities to generate more sales. Indeed, a toll-free business number can be a really potent marketing tool.

. It’s Possible To Keep Track Of Your Marketing Efforts

A toll-free phone number helps businesses easily manage and organize calls. You may be utilizing various strategies for advertising and promoting your services and products, such as via print media or billboards. Having a toll free number aids in your effort to track the geographic location and other details of customers who have reached out to you. You can track even their most preferred time to call. It’s also possible to incorporate vanity and toll-free numbers into your direct response campaigns, social media ads, and as a component of magazines and newspapers.

  • Credibility

Contrary to what most people think, a toll-free business number isn’t only for big corporations; they’re great for businesses of all sizes, especially for startups. A toll-free number gives your company credibility and enhances your brand’s image. You could work out of the basement in your home, and no one would really know.


Businesses have to take care of plenty of things. At any point, new challenges may suddenly crop up. Companies that are still in their infancy stages face intense troubles, and these problems can be tough to overcome. Above all, businesses have to build up networks with their customers and prospects. Thankfully, a toll-free business number does all that. The benefits above should convince you to buy and have one.