With increase in number of hackers, one of the biggest concerns for accessing internet is that it poses a growing risk of privacy. Most of the people are concerned about connecting to any of the unsecured public wireless networks available as it may turn out to be your biggest mistake. In such scenarios, the development and usage of virtual private networks have become a considerably good option which can help protect your online privacy.


Range of Service providers

There are various VPN service providers available in the market but the biggest question is which service provider gives the best services while accessing internet. KepardVPN is one of the most popular and recommended VPN service providers available for the internet users mainly because of the range and quality of services provided by it.

Application Support

Android – It is a known fact that majority of internet users access through their mobiles and Android has been the most popular and widely used operating system in mobile phones these days. Kepard VPN provides a reliable coverage for most of the operating systems and it has specifically designed Android application where one can perform manual settings to configure online anonymity. Apart from mobile devices, most of the laptops and computers run on Windows operating system and considering this fact, Kepard VPN service provider also supports different versions of Windows operating system including XP, 7, 8, 10 with special settings and application support for Mac OS as well.

VPN protocols support

If you are concerned about protocol support for Kepard VPN then you don’t have to worry about which type of protocol you are using to access internet connection through your service provider. Kepard is designed to let you choose any of the protocol options such as L2TP, PPTP, Open VPN connections.


Countries Supported

Kepard VPN has been designed to support certain selective countries such as UK, US, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, Spain and the company is looking to expand into other countries as well in near future.

Free 1 day trial

If you are confused about whether you will be able to get the best services then you can even choose 1 day trial version of Kepard VPN as well. However, if you have made up your mind then you must choose annual plans in order to save more money.

Affiliate Marketing /Referral campaign

If you are convinced about the features of this product and have power to influence others then you can get some free usage by referring amazing Kepard VPN service to your friends and colleagues. Once you refer someone after using Kepard then you will get 30 days of free VPN usage and the person referred will be able to get benefits of 15 days free usage.

Packages and pricing

One of the key things about using this VPN service is that you will get best and competitive prices under your budget. The one month package starts from $7 and is valid for 3 months. Post that will have to pay $5.66 per month to renew. However the best money saver package is annual package for which you had to pay only $2.9 per month. The more you take the more you save. For payment, you can choose to pay online through credit card, debit card, VISA or Master Card. For understanding about refunds policy offered by the company, you may need to contact 24×7 customer support service email support option.



VPN’s are becoming a popular way to access internet securely through public Wireless systems like shops, malls or other places. With the help of Kepard VPN service, you will get all round protection from hackers, spams or virus attacks on your devices when accessing internet. It gives you a great way to get uninterrupted access to various websites in a secure domain. Choose the best VPN service from Kepard and access internet without any worries.