KeepVid Music is a powerful application that you can use to download, manage, play, record and share music on any platform. The software is compatible with iTunes 12, Windows 10, iOS and mobile devices such as iPhone 6s as well as iPhone 6s Plus.

Magnificent User Interface

When you launch the KeepVid Music for the first time, you will see a magnificent loading splash. The resulting interface is clean and simple just the way a top notch music downloader or player ought to be. On the interface, you will see different notifiers and buttons in their rightful places, making it super easy to use the application.


On the upper side of the interface, you will see a menu bar containing four tabs which include Music Library, Toolbox, Get Music and Device. At the bottom, there are music controls including volume control, lyrics, and play/pause. The top right corner has the audio recorder and download list.

Download Music from Over 1000 Websites

With KeepVid Music, you can download music from all the popular websites such as Vevo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Spotify and more (over 1000 supported websites). When using this application, you don’t need to add ID3 tags to music because it does this automatically. Rather than download each song from your favorite playlist, you can use one click to download the entire playlist.

Record Songs

While KeepVid Music allows you to download music from over 1000 sites, if any website can’t allow you to download music, you can still record it. It comes with a built-in recorder that you can use to record any music that plays on your computer.


The recorder filters out ads and splits songs as required. You simply need to click record and play your best music and voila! That’s it. The app saves the recorded music automatically.

Find Out the Latest Music

KeepVid Music presents you with a plethora of the latest music from the Internet so you can choose from. You will come across over three million songs, over 35,000 albums and more than 1000 refined playlist for your download. Besides, you can check out the top charts to discover the most recent and popular songs.


Music Library

The application has a music library, making it easy for you to transfer songs from iTunes to media device endlessly. Whether you own a Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows PC or iPod, you can sync them effortlessly in just one click. There are no compatibility issues because the program automatically converts your music to the format supported by your media device.

The music library in this app plays more roles than any other music player or downloader. It will analyze your songs from the library, add tags to them, remove broken tracks and duplicate audio files, and update any missing cover art.


Create a Backup with Toolbox

An interesting feature in KeepVid Music is the Toolbox which has a couple of powerful and useful tools. Using one of the tools, you can create a backup of the iTunes library on your computer, an external hard drive, flash drive and so on. Other tools allow you to convert music to other useful video formats or burn it to a CD.

Try it for Free

This application allows music enthusiasts to try it free and access any music store to download their favorite tracks. You can access the KeepVid Music and download it for free from the KeepVid website. To unlock more features, buy the license for only $39.95. Once you do that, it will for a full year on a single PC. However, you can gain a lifetime access for one PC by paying $59.95.