Ever since its inception in 1997, the anime/manga series One Piece has rarely steered away from the highway. Be it young boys and girls or grown-up men and women, all appreciate its fantastic storyline and look forward to new episodes with anticipation. With new episodes on air, One Piece has now breached the magical 1,000 episode mark. So, what is it that makes One Piece so popular? What is it that One Piece does better that makes people appreciate anime more than manga? Here’s presenting a list of the top 5 reasons that have made One Piece a great success over the years.

  • Engaging Fans Emotionally

For an anime series to be successful over a long period, it must engage its fans emotionally. And One Piece does a perfect job at that. Every character has a gut-wrenching and traumatic back story. When combined with classic soundtracks, outstanding animation, and excellent voice overs, these stories make for an engaging and edge-of-the-seat thriller.

  • Perfect Mix of Story and Action

Anime series such as Dragon Ball and Naruto are more bent towards action. But One Piece is a perfect mix of story and action. It focuses more on character development and takes care of action enthusiasts’ needs with beautifully-animated action scenes, the quality of which has only gone from strength to strength over the years.

  • Easier to Understand

Every chapter should be detailed yet engaging when it comes to anime or manga. A chapter too long might result in audiences losing interest, while a short chapter might lead to viewers missing out on crucial details, ultimately making it difficult to understand. One Piece is undoubtedly a long series, but it is so because it explores every topic in detail and helps the audiences understand these concepts using special effects.

  • Plenty of Humor

When you have an intense and long-running anime or manga series, it becomes crucial for the creators to offer plenty of fillers to provide audiences with a break. As such, One Piece does not have any filler content separately, but it has so many comic scenes and bouts of humor placed strategically in between that audiences never feel the need to resort to fillers.

  • Breathtaking Movies

It’s not just about the action or comedy alone. One Piece has redefined the meaning of Shonen adventure. Recent offerings from the franchise, such as One Piece: Stampede, have reestablished the fact that memorable stories, excellent characters, and focus on character development can work wonders and go a long way in ensuring an anime series translates into a grand success.

The new episodes of One Piece have recently gone on air. Catch them streaming hot on Crunchyroll. This post reviews Crunchyroll and the most efficient and hassle-free way to download Crunchyroll videos, the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader. Let’s get started.

About Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll was developed and launched by the students of the University of California in 2006. It was subsequently taken over by Warner Media in 2018, which, in December 2020, announced its decision to resell the popular anime streaming platform to Sony.

So, what is it that makes Crunchyroll so popular among audiences? What is so special about Crunchyroll that makes the top media and entertainment companies vie for it?

Crunchyroll is primarily an online anime streaming service, with more than 3 million subscribers across 200 countries. It serves a delicious content platter comprising more than 30,000 episodes of anime, Japanese manga, and in-person events, spread across over 1,000 titles.

Subscribers of the Crunchyroll streaming service can watch their favorite Crunchyroll videos on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PS 3&4, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Those with a paid subscription get to watch Crunchyroll videos just one hour after their release in Japan, while users with a free account get access to the same a week later. Both subscription types entitle users to watch their favorite Crunchyroll videos in sub or dub, meaning videos with subtitles or various dubbed languages.

Can I Download Crunchyroll Videos Offline?

Crunchyroll did not offer its subscribers the facility to download Crunchyroll videos offline for a long time. Fortunately, it soon realized it would become difficult for it to compete with other streaming services, as the ability to download content offline is one of the primary factors users consider while subscribing to a streaming platform. Crunchyroll has since allowed users to download videos and enjoy them offline.

Why the Need for the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader Then?

Well. In a way, the question posed above makes sense. If Crunchyroll allows users to download videos offline, what is the need for a third-party downloader like the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader?

To understand the need for the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, we would first have to understand the limitations of the official Crunchyroll download functionality. Here’s a few of them:

  • The official Crunchyroll download functionality is only available to those subscribed to the Crunchyroll Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan plans.
  • The official Crunchyroll download functionality is available only on iOS and Android devices.
  • The downloaded Crunchyroll videos come with a 30-day expiry date.
  • Not every video on the Crunchyroll website or app is available for downloading offline.
  • Users may experience poor audio and picture quality with Crunchyroll videos downloaded for offline viewing.

It is to subjugate or bring under control these limitations of the official Crunchyroll download functionality that the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader was designed for. Let’s learn about it a little more in detail.

About KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader

As stated earlier, the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader was introduced to provide users freedom from the limitations and restrictions of the official Crunchyroll download functionality. It is a premium, dependable, and easy-to-use downloading software that offers several other benefits, including:

  • High-Quality Video Downloads

With the KepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, you can download Crunchyroll videos in high-quality picture resolutions equaling 1080p and audio quality equaling AAC 2.0, AAC 35.1, and EAC 35.1 soundtrack.

  • Ad-free Downloads

Advertisements streaming in the middle of your favorite anime videos may be frustrating. The KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader eliminates all ads while downloading videos so that you can enjoy them without getting interrupted.

  • Save Crunchyroll Videos to the MP4 Format

Tired of searching for devices compatible with Crunchyroll videos? Do not worry. With the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, you would no longer need to search as the software allows you to download and save Crunchyroll videos in MP4 format.

  • Remux or Save Subtitles in Your Native Language

With the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, you can include subtitles directly into your videos or save them separately as .srt files in your native language so that language never forms an obstacle on the road to your entertainment bliss.

  • Batch Downloads at High Download Speeds

Imagine the frustration you would have to go through if you were to download Crunchyroll videos one by one and that too, at painfully slow download speeds. Fortunately, with the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, you will never have to experience the above, as it possesses the capability to download multiple Crunchyroll videos simultaneously at high speeds.

How to Download Videos from Crunchyroll Offline Using the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader?

The next obvious question people have after they have gone through the several excellent benefits offered by the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader is how to download videos from Crunchyroll offline using the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Install the KeepStream Video Downloader

The first step is downloading the KeepStream Video Downloader from the official web page and installing it on your streaming device. Once done, launch the KeepStream Video Downloader and select the ‘Crunchyroll’ option from the main menu.

Step 2 – Sign in and Select Crunchyroll Video

Once you launch the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, it will take you to the page that displays the various Crunchyroll videos available online. Browse through the list and choose one that is available for downloading offline.

Step 3 – Start the Download Process

Once you select the video or videos to download, the next step is to begin the download process. To do so, you first need to customize download settings. Once you do that, simply click on the ‘Download Now’ button to begin the download process. Once the video downloads, you can save it to your device, and voila, you are free to enjoy it whenever, wherever, and with whoever you wish to.


The KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader offers users a choice of three exciting plans. The monthly subscription (billed monthly – up to 1 PC) is available at $19.90, the annual subscription (billed annually – up to 3 PCs) at $59.90, and the biannual subscription (billed bi-annually – up to 2 PCs) at $39.90. All plan options offer subscribers free updates, 24×7 customer support, auto-renewal & anytime cancellation facilities, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

There is a scarcity of streaming services dealing exclusively with anime. And on top of that, if you regularly keep encountering the problems associated with the official download functionalities of these platforms, it can tone down your intensity to watch anime with each passing day. Although we agree the experience can be frustrating, why sacrifice your favorite entertainment when you have a tool like the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader that allows you to download Crunchyroll videos without breaking any sweat. So, download the KeepStream Crunchyroll Downloader, and sit back and relax your favorite Crunchyroll anime with friends and family. Visit https://keepstreams.com/crunchyroll-downloader for more information or to download.