Neon signs can have a positive impact on your minds. The use of such luminous signages can be dated back to times when these signs used to be hand-crafted. Modern technology has enabled greater energy efficiency on newly created neon lights. 

If you are an aspiring neon artist or buzzing with creativity, there’s much to kindle with neon signs.  Do you know that you can create your illuminated signs with neon lights? This form of art can be dated back to the late 70s. Akin to any other art form, one can create masterpieces with their skills and passion. It is the playful and pulsating colours that induce comfort and familiarity. Neon lights have been outmoded and can easily fit into both vintage and modern settings. 

From the palette of a neon enthusiast 

Making custom neon signs involves dexterity. However, if you are determined to give your imagination a shape, you can always start working on designs for your home. Be it to give your living room a subtle makeover with a self-designed luminescent sign or to deck up your little girl’s dollhouse, give your inner artist a chance! 

A neon sign can stand out regardless of where they are placed. Whether it’s flashing a billboard on a commercial street or sitting pretty on your bedroom wall, it’s the sparkle that continues to be iconic.  

Ignite the imagination

While neon art was more to do with shop front signs and advertising hoardings, a paradigm shift transitioned the concept of this art form. Pioneering artists such as Chryssa, Keith Sonnier, Glen Ligon, and many other stalwarts contributed to the changing face of neon art. Their signature work can make an inspirational feature in your passion for the skill. Here are a few illustrations of such admired work that may resonate with your creative mind.

Neon tubes by Mary Weatherford

A well-known neon artist, Mary Weatherford’s work derives its fame from the fantastic paintings that incorporate neon to narrate different locations. Among her famous work that deserves mention is that on the Coney Island featured in her Manhattan series. Her 2D paintings that were given a compelling character with neon art rendered it an exclusive identity.

Light Works by Tim Noble and Susan Sue

You can shop custom neon lights at top-rated stores to keep the arty instincts flaming. You can borrow from the designs of the grand artists. There’s much to take inspiration from Tim and Susan’s artwork. The crowned British art duo’s bedazzling designs such as ‘Shadow Work’, ‘Light Works’, the ‘Sweet Smell of Excess’ are among the iconic signages.

Cursive neon strokes by Tracey Emin

If you are scouting for neon designs to express yourself, you can’t miss the emotive fluorescent light ideas that can communicate your desire. Tracey Emin’s artistic neon designs that popularised ‘ Fabulous to Feel Beautiful Again’ and ‘Kiss Me’ reinforced the importance of bold and fearless self. It was the cursive neon signages that added a forgiving spark to these emotions. 

Allow yourself the liberty of creative indulgence with abstract standalone neon light illustrations!