Teens spend most of their time online as youth has become addicted to social media platforms. Parents need to realize their responsibility for the probable dangers in the life of their children. It is essential to keep parental control over the activities of your children to keep them secured from the online world. Parents need to understand that they have to deal with their kids appropriately to avoid a gap. Kids don’t want to hamper their privacy, but parents should make it a clear point to make them know about the factual descriptions of problems occurring through online world.


The following things can be shared with your children for keeping their online safety on the right track:

1. Privatizing the Personal Information

Your children shouldn’t share personal details like phone numbers, address or birth date with anyone. The person on other side can be an online predator looking for exploiting teens and if you or your children ever find out a hint about it, their immediate step should be to stop talking to that person and block them from sending you any further messages.

2. Don’t Meet Strangers

You should avoid hooking up with strangers and take a pledge not to meet them personally. If someone is forcing you for the same, you should tell your parents immediately about the same.

3. Add only Known People to Friend list

Make sure that you add only the known people to friend list. If anyone sends you friend request several times or personally messages you, you can block them for avoiding any further communication.

4. Internet is NOT private


If you are posting any content (picture or status update) on any social platform, make sure that it is never private. The apps like SnapChat acclaiming to delete the data within a few seconds. However, screenshots or other ways are possible to retain the images and there are many people ready to misuse it.

5. Avoid filling up non trusted surveys

You should make your kids realize that unnecessary questionnaires or surveys can lead to stealing of personal information. Don’t participate in these things, even if there are requests sent from any friend.

6. Don’t download unnecessary things

Kids should be taught not to download anything about which they don’t know. There are some virus files on the web, which are basically meant to destroy computers or take out all the private data from it.

7. Private Passwords

Tell your children never to share their passwords with friends of anyone else; except you. They can remain protected only if they don’t let anyone get into the way in privacy.

8. Post Appropriate Pictures

It is always a good idea to post your decent pictures online. Your kids should avoid it to get into any trouble. It should be remembered never to post a picture for which you will regret later on. Try to explain it to them that wrong sharing can lead to multifold problems in their life. Similarly, don’t post unnecessary pictures of any friends.

mSpy can help parents to track the activities of their children in the most appropriate way. It can be installed on any Android or IPhone mobile device and laptops. Your kids are your responsibility and you should make sure to keep them secured in this hi-tech world of Internet.