Teaching a course to someone doesn’t require a big classroom or a strict confined schedule. It just takes ideas and lessons and the best way to share them with the interested students. With a number of ebooks, video hosting, text editors, and eCommerce platforms, you can combine the text and videos together to create a course and sell them online. The best thing is to find a platform that can come handy to design a course by providing all the needed tools require to create a fully fledged course. One such platform that can be of great help to you is Kajabi. Let us go through Kajabi review and learn more about it.

Introduction to Kajabi

Before we proceed further and learn more about this tool in Kajabi review, it is important to know a bit deeper about it. Kajabi is a self hosted platform for creating, selling, and marketing the information products on the internet. It provides all the users with an advanced platform for hosting content & media like videos, images, text documents, audios, and other media.Moreover, it has endless features to offer to all its users. Some of them have been discussed in this Kajabi review.

Why use Kajabi? Who Use it?

Kajabi is a platform especially designed of the information marketers for selling the online courses or programs by designing them using this tool. You can utilize Kajabi to generate decent money by selling the online courses, information products, and membership based websites.Not only this, Kajabi can be used for marketing the product online by using its landing pages and email marketing features. It provides you with a number of landing pages and email newsletters templates.Kajabi is generally used by the experts in the field of blogging, internet marketing, and business creation amongst the others.

Top Features of Kajabi

Kajabi comes packed with enormous range of features and some the major ones are discussed in this Kajabi review. You will find just every possible feature in this tool that you will need to create a well oriented course or to run a marketing campaign. Get to know about them and explore about the tool in details.

Course Creation

You can easily create the online courses for your students and sell them using the effective marketing products offered by Kajabi. Creating a course is really very easy. All you have to do is gather useful information in form of text, videos, audios, or other media and combine them together to make your course look well oriented.

You get resources like product themes, video hosting, downloadable files etc with it. The theme are mobile responsive and can be customize according to your choices. Your files and videos in the course can also be made downloadable for your audience. Once you have created a course using Kajabi, you are now ready to sell it.

Website Creation

Having a self owned website is dream of every person who is in the field of internet. Moreover, a good website can provide you platform to sell your products online. Kajabi aids you with the process. You get a free custom URL with Kajabi to start swiftly. You can select the theme for your website and customize it accordingly.

The website you create can later on be migrated to a custom domain name as per your requirements. You can even continue with the custom URL provided by Kajabi and sell your products from there itself. Moreover, you can get the tailored ‘Disclaimer’ pages for your website.

Sales Tools

Once your website is ready to sell your designed course, it is very important to attract the sales. But before you start with the marketing of product, it is important to add payments options to the website. Kajabi has a built in payment system that is powered by Stripe. It allows you to collect the payments easily. You can even choose different other payment options available with Kajabi that can be integrated to your website.

Not only this, you can create powerful luring offers to attract more visitors and promote more sales. Moreover, the affiliate programs can be built up so that user can take interest in promoting your course as well. The coupons as well as other attractive offers can be created using the sales tools provided by Kajabi to the user.


Kajabi also allows you to check the members who have purchased the courses from you. You can even check each member individually to find out which member has purchased which course. The personal announcements can be sent to each member and the comments can also be moderated.

Marketing Tools

If this is not enough then Kajabi also lets you to carry out the marketing and branding of your products. It provides you with landing pages, custom forms, and email marketing options. A number of landing page themes as well as email newsletter themes are available with Kajabi that makes it easier for you to find the best ones according to your product.

The split testing feature lets you check the performance of different versions of similar template. Moreover, you can get complete statistics and reports about the marketing campaign led by you. Each and every data is recorded.

Advanced Options

Kajabi also supports a number of software tools that can be integrated with it to bring more convenience to a user. You can also create multiple administrators for your Kajabi account. The supports staff at Kajabi is excellent and skilled to provide the support to every customer on priority basis.Its secured hosting is always there to allow you host your website and products.

The data you create is completely your own. Kajabi doesn’t cease the ownership rights from you. Moreover, you can host multiple websites here and are eligible for instant upgrades whenever the product is updated. Once you start using this tool, you will realize its importance and find out what you were lagging behind over the years.

Pricing & Plans

Kajabi offers 14-days free trial pack to every user. Once you are satisfied with its trial pack, you can opt from three different plans offered by Kajabi – Basic, Pro, & Premium. The ‘Basic’ plan starts from $103/month. Some of the features in this plan are limited. If you wish to improve the limit, you go for higher plans depending on your needs.

Final Verdict

Overall, Kajabi is an interesting platform that is fully fledged with enthralling features giving the users opportunities to explore it to the fullest. It is really very difficult to find such an exclusive feature range in any other tool at this price. Kajabi has surely done a great job and I would definitely recommend you this service if you are looking to create a product or carry out branding for your business. Go for it!