It seems everyday there is a hot new startup that thinks they are doing what you do or what you want to do better. They are newer, fresher, have a more current design or just simply capitalize on being the flashy upstart. But, what they have in spark, you have in experience and a seemingly dedicated customer-base. But what’s the best way to make sure it stays that way? How can you stay connected with your customers? In order to get an idea we spoke to JustFly, an online travel agency. Online travel is an example of an industry that has nearly unlimited competition, thus it relies on building customer loyalty. I asked that JustFly review the best ways to engage with and retain customers in such a competitive industry.

Push Notifications

If your business has an app JustFly can’t help but recommend creative, yet non-obtrusive, push notifications. These can be as simple as deal notifications or personalized alerts. Why are push notifications so effective? JustFly says to think of a phone’s home screen as a personally curated inbox. Open rates on push notifications traditionally trend much higher in relation to their email counterparts. With that being said, one shouldn’t discount the power of great email.


CRM Mailers and Campaigns

CRM mailer campaigns are about the most common platform out there for customer relations management. Sending email though isn’t key, sending great emails is. Ultimately, sending great email is about creating spam that people want to engage with. What this means isn’t just selling a pitch to someone, it’s creating added value in the form great content and creating bridges to other platforms such as product apps, websites, and social media platforms.


Social Media

Social media. While some refuse to take it seriously, it can play a huge role in engaging with your customers and help add a human element to your business says JustFly. All the jokes aside, it can serve so many different purposes.


You can communicate promotions, highlight company accomplishments, even manage customer service complaints. While you can easily step in hot water with email or push notifications, social media is a medium that needs to be handled with care, as it can be mismanaged, leading to humiliation and customer abandonment if you engage with customers inappropriately or step into controversy.