Smart cards are a necessity in many organisations across a number of industries, not only to grant access to employees but also for security and awareness of who is in the building. They can be incredibly beneficial in running an efficient company, especially as they can be used for a number of different applications. Whether you need to control the areas that employees can enter, or you want to offer a loyalty scheme or even contactless payment, a smart card has the capability to do it all. If you’re looking for a convenient way to provide your business with smart cards, you might want to consider a retransfer printer.

What Can a Retransfer Printer Do?

Investing in a retransfer printer can be a cost-effective and convenient way of issuing smart cards to your employees, by printing them in-house. Having the ability to create your own smart cards can give you more control over making sure your business is safe and runs smoothly.

Giving you the flexibility to create the cards you need, retransfer printers meet the requirements necessary for printing secure, quality cards whenever you need them. With many businesses now requiring highly secure solutions for their smart card systems, bringing the process in-house may guarantee peace of mind.

Thanks to unique features and a number of advantages provided by a retransfer printer, you have the chance to benefit from unrivalled smart card design.

Increased Image Quality

A retransfer printer has the ability to print over the entire surface of the card; this edge to edge printing can improve the professional look of the cards themselves and avoid an unsightly white border. What’s more, the printer can print on an uneven surface of a card that has an embedded chip without compromising the image quality.

The new retransfer printers come with even better developed technology, allowing you to create fine lines and even use small fonts. With better resolution, you are able to be a little more creative with the design of the card itself. The technology used in retransfer printers allow you to print on a number of different card types such as PVC or PET, allowing an element of flexibility when it comes to using smart cards within your business. Without restrictions, you can print in-house and create the best suited card type for your needs.

Improved Durability And Security

Using a retransfer printer to create your own smart cards has never been more efficient. The capabilities of the printer itself now mean that your smart cards are incredibly durable, thanks to card protection materials such as an extra layer and the application of retransfer film. A layer of lamination can extend the life of the cards and help prevent fading of the design.

These enhanced features of retransfer printers mean that you can be confident in creating your own smart cards for your business. They also result in heightened security of the cards; the extra layers applied by the printer can help to prevent tampering with the card and even decrease the chance of fraud. Using a retransfer printer includes security features that are difficult to replicate.

The printers themselves also include built-in security to avoid malware or threats, as well as protecting your data. So, to guarantee a high standard of both quality and security when it comes to your smart cards, consider investing in retransfer printers today.