Microsoft Windows is not the most secure Operating System in the world. I mean, there are better options, like macOS and Linux, when you need enhanced security. When it comes to file and disk security, however, things are a bit different.

Once you delete a particular file or folder from Recycle Bin, there is no way to get that back — not at least from Windows itself. This is why most people like to have a dedicated file recovery software for emergency situations. So, even if you delete something important from your PC, there is always a way to get it back.

Now, there may be hundreds or thousands of data recovery software for Windows PCs but most of them are not usable and powerful at the same time. Among this huge list, however, we’ve found an awesome recovery tool that can be of help all the time.

iSkysoft Data Recovery — an Intro

As we said earlier, iSkysoft Data Recovery is a dedicated file recovery software for Windows PCs. It lets you recover deleted/lost files from not just your PC Hard Disk Drive but also other sources like a memory card or an external hard disk. iSkysoft Data Recovery is also available for macOS, by the way. As far as the Windows version is concerned, it offers 100% compatibility with Windows 10 devices as well.

But, what makes iSkysoft Data Recovery one of the best data recovery programs out there is its features. In fact, we loved some of the features so much.

Noteworthy Features

Listed below are some features that make iSkysoft Data Recovery one of the suitable choices for recovering files and folders from your Windows PC.

  • Dual Scanning Methods: iSkysoft Data Recovery lets you scan your devices at different intensities. In the Quick Scan mode, you can find lost/deleted files quickly. In the Deep Scan mode, however, it tries to find deleted files using powerful algorithms.

  • Previewing and Filtering: iSkysoft Data Recovery isn’t a program that wants you to recover everything and then sort things out. Even before recovering, you can preview and filter the files. So, at the end of the day, you will have files that you really need.
  • Compatibility: iSkysoft Data Recovery was able to detect and scan almost every device we plugged in — regardless the file system and capacity. It also has wonderful support for a variety of devices like cameras and smartphones.

Using iSkysoft Data Recovery to Recover Files

It’s quite amazing that you can recover almost any kind of files within four steps. We were really impressed by the end results as well.

  1. After launching iSkysoft Data Recovery, you have to specify the type of files you’d like to recover. You can select from options like Photo, Audio, Video, Document, Email and Others.
  2. In this step, iSkysoft Data Recovery wants you to select the to-be-scanned drive. From the interface, you can select the appropriate drive and hit the Start button.
  3. Wait until iSkysoft Data Recovery scans the selected drive for recoverable files. If Quick Scan doesn’t deliver the results, you can try Deep Scan from the menu.
  4. After the scanning is done, you can see the list of recoverable files. Now, instead of doing ahead and recovering all the possible files, you can preview files individually and recover them.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? We find it really simple and effective, especially when compared to other software for data recovery.

Why Pick iSkysoft Data Recovery

We’ve already seen how easy it is to use iSkysoft Data Recovery. Even if you are completely new to the area of data recovery, this program would not let you down. You can connect any data device, regardless its file system and capacity, and recover contents with ease. There is the same level of compatibility when it comes to device platforms as well. All things are better when compared to other Windows data recovery software out there.

Up next, we should address the awesome User Interface of iSkysoft Data Recovery. You won’t be confused at any point while using this program. The UI is so simple and effectively designed that you can recover any kind of files with ease. It even arranges the source-selection procedure as something simpler. We also loved the fact that iSkysoft Data Recovery doesn’t consume much resources even when Deep Scan is running.

The Final Point

After trying to use iSkysoft Data Recovery for recovering different types of files from different devices, we’d say that the product is excellent. It does not let us down when it comes to performance or usability. And, if we are to compare these features to what other file recovery software offer, the price-tag of $39.95 seems quite reasonable. What’s more, if you are interested, you can check out its fully-functional free trial as well.