No matter what sector you’re in, your business is probably a lot slower than usual. Companies across North America have had to deal with changing conditions amid a devastating virus that has been a disaster for public health and the economy. 

Businesses should always run efficiently, but the stakes have never been higher. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re running a lean and efficient operation.

HR Software with Advanced AI

When you assemble the right team, you can surmount any challenge. Now, there’s modern software for HR departments featuring advanced AI, so accurate job descriptions are easy to create and take less time.

The AI focuses on competencies, which are learned and observable behaviours proven to lead to successful outcomes. “Skills” are too narrow a field, and basing hiring on skills alone don’t give companies an objective, impartial basis.

The debate between competency vs skill is easy to settle, as measuring for “competencies” is more comprehensive and lets companies hire better candidates without fearing that the interview process may accidentally perpetuate systemic discrimination.

The competencies companies initially seek to form the basis of evaluation moving forward, allowing businesses to achieve targets more easily and gives employees stability and predictability to manage their careers. 

Connect Directly with Your Consumers

Some companies decided to reduce their advertising budget during the pandemic, seeing it as a needless expense in a time of disruption. The assumptions that normally undergird such decisions can’t be taken for granted in such a new and continually changing context.

One approach, then, is for companies to connect directly with consumers using social media, emails, or whatever means makes the most sense for their business model. An international conglomerate will have different needs than a local restaurant. Still, at the end of the day, they need to ensure that their consumers understand how to purchase and safely pick up or receive their orders. 

The more pain-free and seamless this process, the higher the sales. Get clear and direct communication with your customers while expending as little energy and money as possible.

Sell What’s on Hand

Some businesses have had to pivot considerably depending on the nature of their product and local restrictions. For example, restaurants started selling food kits after the government prohibited indoor dining.

Other restaurants started selling the raw ingredients as grocery items rather than cooking or preparing them first. Hopefully, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is underway in your region, and numbers are down! 

But if the pandemic is still dictating or limiting how you can operate, don’t be afraid to make a sudden change and sell whatever you have on stock however you can.

Nothing is more important than society’s collective health. If you’re running a business, you need to mind your company’s health, too. You give yourself the highest odds of success if you use advanced AI to get the right people in the door, keep them aligned with your business goals, establish direct contact with your base, and maintain sales and operational flexibility.