Working online has enabled many businesses to thrive in our modern digital world, but the freedom certainly doesn’t come without any pitfalls.

Where traditional security problems would often be due to physical theft or software malfunction, viruses and hacking has taken its place. Filling our daily online rituals with password secured platforms at every turn, and making us ever more vigilant at the information we share online.


But despite many of us taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves online, there are a number of businesses still playing with fire when it comes down to their digital security.

Despite customer’s information and their own financial information often being stored online, many companies fail to implement the methods needed to ensure their business does not fall on its knees. As recently reported by “60% of companies that lose data will close within 6 months”.  A scary statistic considering it can be prevented.

Destroy Old Software

Don’t be fooled that just because your old computers and software is safely stored in a room under lock and key that it cannot be accessed.

Even when you think you’ve wiped it clean of the data, there are professional hackers out there who can easily steal this information and access it within days. Selling your information to various others, and even using it to blackmail the company.

To avoid the embarrassment and the costly court cases, hire a professional software recycling company that can prevent the stress of such situations.

Password Protection

It’s surprising to think that many businesses use basic passwords on numerous software and online systems. Just think that if the hackers manage to get into one thing, they’ll then have access to it all.

Don’t be naïve with your passwords. Ensure they are made of up numbers, letters and various symbols so that they are encrypted. There are now many systems out there that can actually do this for you. So if you’re really struggling to find a strong password utilise these services.

Changing your passwords on a regular basis is also a prevention method that should be executed by companies to deter the hackers all together.

A trending concern currently is the fact that many businesses are forgetting to pass on their passwords to their legal team in case of any emergencies, leaving social sites and many other online platforms completely neglected and open to fraud.

Omar Choudry from Taylor Rose Law commented that, “People should consider how to plan ahead and put someone in charge of these digital assets, so that they can control certain information that could potentially get into the wrong hands”.

Educate Your Employees


Educating your employees on the dangers of downloading unknown items from the internet and opening unknown emails can make the entire company aware of the potential risk that is out there.

There have been many cases reported of the growing number of sophisticated and professional looking emails that have hindered unsuspecting professionals.

It can be easily done, but by simply adding an anti-virus system and keeping the team updated on the methods that these hackers are using, it will make them all more aware.