As we all know, PMP, Project Management Professional, is not the only certification course in software management. Apart from this, many various certification courses also come to your mind for a brighter career as software engineering. 

However, as of now, as the world is changing in terms of technology, many engineers are continually learning new languages so that it may benefit them in the future. But certification in project management is not on the radar.

Furthermore, project management is increasing, and there is more demand for the tech department’s project manager, including every other management department. As per the reports, the annual salary of a project manager in the United States is around $75,474, and that of the tech project manager is around $97,000 per annum.

Are you a software professional and looking for the PMP certification but do not know whether you may have it or not? Do you want to have answers to all your questions? If yes, then we are here with all the essential information that you needed. So, let’s quickly go and read the article to find your answers.  

About PMP And Its Certification Course

Before getting into detailed information about a software professional having a PMP certification, it is essential to be familiar with PMP. So, let’s first know about PMP and its certification. What does one mean by having a PMP certification?

Generally, PMP is the certification course that is administered by PMI, Project Management Institute. It allows the manager to bring the best outcomes of the project with fruition. The manager can bring out the learned skills that would lead to the success of the project. 

PPMP is imperative in any of the industries. However, PMP is the certification course used in any department such as finance, government, defense, software, and tech space. As per the survey of 2014, PMI has most of the practitioners from the field of project management.  

PMBOK, Project Management Body of Knowledge, is the guide book that contains every framework and process of PMP. PMI qualifies the PMBOK guide, and it allows all the managers to manage all the projects individually.  

Now moving further, let’s know the reason behind the managers getting the PMP certification.

Reasons To Hustle For The PMP Certification

Anyways, in one way or the other, we all know that money is the essential and most significant requirement and motivator for doing the work. There is always an essential difference between the salary of PMP certified project manager and their peers. Without a doubt, the project manager gets 20% more salary and might hurt the non-certified employee.

  • So, salary is the primary and foremost reason to get PMP certification.  
  • A great acknowledgment of fast pace and dynamism in the job market is done by PMP certification.

Thus, due to these above given three reasons, one needs to get PMP certified. Now coming forward to the central question of can a software profession get PMP certified? Go ahead and read to get the answer to your main question.

Getting a Software Professional PMP Certification:

Firstly, as a software professional should be precise with the application of PMP certification in various fields. Just for you to ensure this certification is proven for the leaders such as team leader, manager, or some other person with many years of experience in this field.

And your position might be different from those mentioned above, but no matter you should always have proper qualifications and correct leadership. These leadership qualifications would lead you and your project more successful.

But let me make you more clear about your position. If you are among the one who has to lay back engineer and has to work as per the command of a team leader, then PMP certification is not at all for you. When the PMP programs are looking for the team leaders, you must have years of experience in leading the team to complete the projects.

Now, talking about the PMP exam qualification criteria, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree with three years of project management experience. If not that, then another option is to have an Associate’s degree and five years of project management experience.

Preparation of the exam is a must, and it requires about 35 hours of the contact training program. This training stays as proof of preparation and would also help you to prepare well for the exam. Attending 4 days live online PMP boot camp or four days live in-person boot camp and self-study is required to complete it.

The candidate must know the exam format and consider all the necessary things before signing up for the PMP exam. Make sure that you can handle the stress as this program will bring more pressure, and if you are not capable, you may lose a chance in a variety of ways.

Now, as you are searching for a PMP certificate, you must know the importance of a project manager in software development.

Importance of Project Manager:

According to the PMBOK guide, project management has been defined as applying knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools to consolidate the mineral resources life cycle. These would also leverage the project life cycle to meet the requirements like cost, time, scope, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As Per The Courtesy Of PMI, The Development Process Of The Client Can Be Like:

  • Project Initiation
  • Technical Assessment
  • System Development
  • System Test
  • Customer Field Acceptance

In software engineering, material resources are leverage with infrastructural and human resources to create that would create software in discipline and quantitative process. Each of the steps requires a better process and better rollout.

It is essential for the project manager or the software professional to maintain and follow all the guidelines, information, frameworks, and so on to achieve the project’s target goal.

Thus, it is worth to get a PMP certification for the software professional but should be mentally prepared to deal with all the situations and sacrifices that can be made after getting there. I hope you got an answer to your question of getting a PMP certification as a software professional.