Affiliate marketing is growing in popularity but is it a good idea for you to get involved with it?



For the affiliate in the partnership, there are plenty of benefits. Firstly, it gives people with a website a chance to make some extra revenue from it. Running a website can be really difficult because there is no obvious way of making money from it. The only way is through advertising, and the revenue through ordinary advertising can be pretty small. But all that changes with affiliate marketing.

As well as advertising payments for the placing of banners, there’s also the chance of getting commission money. The more people that you direct towards the website of the company you’re working with, the more money you make. This is great because it offers you money for not doing much at all. If the adverts suit the kinds of people that already use your website, you’ll be making money for not much at all!

That’s because the responsibility lies with the merchant business. They’re the ones designing the adverts and paying the money. All you have to do is do what comes naturally. In other words, you just have to keep the website operating and post great content that appeals to your visitors. That doesn’t cost much money at all. But affiliate marketing does allow you to make a lot of money.

There are lots of options open to affiliate marketers. But it makes sense to choose a business that is relevant to your website and readership. For example, if you run a sports website, you could join a Ladbrokes partners affiliate programs.


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There are a few disadvantages of affiliate marketing though. And you should be aware of these before you start out in affiliate marketing. Otherwise, you could be disappointed or get your fingers burnt. The main disadvantage you have to be careful about is being conned. Most affiliate programs are completely above board, but not all of them. You should make sure that you are working with a business that is a recognised brand with a solid reputation.

You should think twice before joining an affiliate program started by a brand that you don’t know or recognise. Some scammers set up fake profiles that make it appear that they’re representing top brands, but they’re not. As long as the website looks professional and is linked to the official brand of a company you know, you should be okay. But you do need to be careful.

It’s important to know the agreement and how it’s going to work before you sign any deals. It’s usually based on some standard payments with the bulk of the money made up from commission. You have to make sure that this commission is given to you. That’s the money you have earned, so don’t be taken in by a company that tries to hold back the commission from you.


Affiliate marketing is a great way of making extra money from your website, as long as you’re careful. I’d recommend you do a lot of research before you go for it. But as long as you do that, it could be perfect for you and your website.