With the advent of the digital revolution, the Internet has become the main work tool for many people, but it is also the main medium through which to entertain themselves, keep up to date with what is happening worldwide and enjoy what they like most. In this sense, it is also true that the more information, the more websites that are made public, users surfing the internet are in turn more likely to visit websites infected by viruses or malware that can damage data stored on electronic devices (desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone). All them will be infected and all documents, photographs and personal information will be damaged.

For this reason, it is advisable and very important to know web platforms from which you can access safe downloads of any type of software, application, game, etc. A great example of this is Softonic.com, but what exactly is Softonic? 

It is a web platform where internet users can go if they want to download an application or software, or even games, music, etc. Its main feature is that it has very strict security and privacy policy, in other words, it is a totally safe website to start any download that will not endanger the operating system of the devices that are being used at that moment. 

It doesn’t matter if the content you want to download is new, Softonic is always updated to its latest version and also always updates its download links, and also checks them previously using more than +60 antivirus that exhaustively scan all websites for threats, malware and, in general, malicious content. It is also worth noting that there is a team behind every link to external sites that is always checked to ensure that downloads are 100 % safe and free of malicious content. 

On the other hand, it is interesting to know that Softonic works automatically, that is, it is easy and simple to use and in just one click you can start a download among all the possibilities offered by the wide catalog available. This automatic mode is also responsible for checking each of these pages that form part of the Softonic catalog so that if any suspicious or malicious file is found, it can be blocked and the Softonic team of professionals can be notified so that the platform is free and clear of any type of malicious data.

Whether you know Softonic or you are a new user who wants to learn a little more about how this platform works, you can visit its official website to clear up any doubts or even get in touch with the team of professionals behind the brand so that they can help you with whatever you need. 

In this sense, it makes it much easier for the community that uses Softonic regularly to get in touch with them either to report a download link that is down or that is not working properly and thus be able to make this popular download platform even more recognized and improve in the future. With more than 55 million downloads per month, Softonic has not ceased over the years to be a place of reference for direct downloading of content on the Internet.