Netflix recently took another step forward in its quest to become the world’s number one entertainment provider. It added games to its list of offerings, expanding beyond its traditional selection of television and films.

It seems that Netflix is trying to become an all-encompassing, one-stop-shop for entertainment. This suggests that it may soon offer its own casino options, as this is a booming sector that it should try to take advantage of.

The Casino Industry is Impossible to Ignore

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings famously stated in 2021 how his company viewed Fortnite as a greater competitor to Netflix than other streaming services. The company has wanted to expand into the gaming sector for some time to get a slice of the market.

Online casinos make up a huge segment of that, however, and Netflix may decide to take on this sector. It will need to take on the established giants, though. When people play blackjack online, they log onto sprawling online casinos that have countless options. There are numerous virtual games with different twists on the classic, such as Blackjack Switch and All Bets Blackjack. Then, there’s a multitude of live options to choose from with different dealers and themes.

Therefore, it could take some time for Netflix to take on the specialists in the online casino sector. If it is to challenge the sector, it may bide its time and build up its other gaming offerings first. It could be waiting to be in a better-established position before it tackles such established companies.

Casino Games Would Fit with the Theme of Current Titles

Netflix has started off small with its games, but the library is likely to rapidly grow over the next few years. It has already swallowed up a few developing studios, including Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games, and Night School Studio. It is commissioning these brands and others to come up with pick-up-and-play titles that can appeal to a wide range of people.

Some of the top games on the platform already include Bowling Ballers and Stranger Things 3: The Game. There are even a couple of games that are designed to attract gambling fans. Online casino games would not look out of place among these titles, which is why there is a good chance that Netflix could start providing them in the future.

Will Netflix Become an All-Round Entertainment Hub?

Netflix has already conquered the world of video and film streaming, but its big wigs know that the company needs to evolve in a rapidly changing market. There are now many streaming services out there, and some of them are working hard to outdo Netflix on the quality of content offered.

By getting into gaming first, Netflix could, once again, get ahead of its rivals. It may end up being a stroke of genius because when popularity in the service takes off it will already be well established. Then, its rivals will be scrambling to catch up. Netflix may be eventually aim to become an all-around entertainment hub that users visit for all their leisure needs. Who knows, it might even exist as its own metaverse that people use for exploring films, games, and music.

Netflix is pushing on with its aim of world domination, with gaming being the next logical step. You wouldn’t bet against casino gaming making it onto the platform before long, because this is a flourishing sector that Netflix will want to benefit from.