It is possible to make playing blackjack more interesting while using doubling dawn. According to the rules, gamblers can double down your bet in different periods of the gambling session. The risk is rather high. If there are not enough points, you will lose your money. Many gamblers play without doubling down and they skip their opportunity. The feature can be used successfully and it will bring more and more chips after reading the article.

Many gamblers double down their bets in any case and they lose money. We are going to tell you about the balance of risk and earning money while playing blackjack in a 50 euro bez depozytu 2022 casino. There are some rules to decrease your risk and to use every feature to win more. Read the article, follow the rules and enjoy your win.

You Should Double Down

Whenever you are a beginner or not, we recommend you to double down in the following situations:

  1. If you totally have 1 That is so due to the chance to get 10. You will win the game and could earn money. Even if you couldn’t get 10, your chance to win is still rather high.
  2. If you hand 16-18. Sure, the odds to win with 18 are really high. But you will definitely get chips while achieving blackjack.
  3. While having 9-10. But you should check the card the dealer shows to understand your chance to win.

Many gamblers double down in these cases and they write about it online.

Double Down Is Not Recommended

It is forbidden to double down if there is an ace shown by the dealer. The rule works at any situation.

The odds are rather high. Moreover, without 10 the dealer could get enough points to win. So, you will waste chips if you increase the bet.

If you have over 11, you can lose the gambling session. So, it is better to avoid doubling own. Just to surrender or go on playing and hope to get the necessary card.

So, don’t do this and go on playing the gambling session in a common mode if you doubt. There are some players who double down their bets often. According to the statistics, they lose their bankroll first and should stop playing blackjack.

How to Double Down in Blackjack

You should keep silence and just add the same number of chips. The movement will make the dealer understand your action. So, all the rest players will need to increase their bet too or stop playing the gambling session.

But the rule works in 99% and there is 1% too. So, you should say that you are going to increase the bet and ask for a card. Everything is simple and it is better to ask from the very beginning about the way of doubling down. It will let you use the feature in compliance with the rules of the casino. Regarding online casinos, players prefer trustly casinos because they make it easier to withdraw their blackjack winnings.

Note. Don’t put your new chips on the initial bet. It is a mistake and the act can mean that you are going to change your original bet. So, just put the new chips near to the initial bet to avoid some problems.

What Should You More

There are a lot of rules for blackjack. If you are going to play it, you have to know the rules. According to the practice, most online and land-based casinos apply to double down if you have 10-11. In other cases, you should go on the game in an ordinary way. Moreover, it is possible to split your cards in some cases. It is better to read about it in rules too.

You should also look for the card the dealer shows. It will let you understand the chance to get 21. Usually, dealer has 16 or 17. The more the dealer has, the more your chance to win. But everything depends on your luck, that’s why it is possible to lose in any situation.

Keep in mind that if the dealer checks for blackjack after an ace of 10, you can know whether the dealer won. So, if the game is going on, your chance to win is increasing and it is better to double down. If the dealer checks for the blackjack and he (she) could get it, the game will stop. Everybody will lose the game except players, who could also get 21.

Several tips

There are several tips about blackjack and doubling down while playing the game. You should know the information to edge the house and to use the feature when it is possible.


Most gambling companies don’t let players do it. But it depends on the rules. We recommend to read it attentively to know all the features while playing blackjack. If the rules let you increase your bet after splitting, you have to keep it in mind. There would be written how to do it and about other restrictions. So, if there is a good chance to do it, you shouldn’t skip the opportunity.


99% of casinos don’t support the rule. The reason is simple: you will get a great edge over the casino. According to the rules, players can’t do anything after hitting: neither double down nor split the cards. They just can hit once again. So, you couldn’t get insurance after hitting too.

Is it necessary to double down on 11?

It all depends on you, but we recommend you do it in any case. The chance to win will increase and you can get a lot of chips whenever you get 10 or another card. Even if you lose the gambling session, you will understand that everything was done to get maximum.

Double down on 10

Everything depends on the gambling session. If the dealer has 10 or an ace, there is a high chance to lose. The dealer can get 21 or about it. If you are lack of chips, it is better to avoid some risks. If your bankroll is enough, you can try to double down.

Cards after doubling down

According to the rules, the dealer will give you 1 card more. That is so in any online and land-based casino. Most beginners make the same mistake. They believe they can take anymore cards. There is a risk while doubling down. It is to get a low card and your total would be less than the total of your opponents. In this case, you can easily lose the gambling session and waste your chips.

Double down with 21 in blackjack

It is impossible to do! We believe that everyone would do it after getting blackjack! If you get 21 from the very beginning, the gambling session will over for you. It would be necessary to wait for 2-3 minutes to start a new game.


There is a feature to play free in online casinos. There is no need to create an account. You just should choose the blackjack machine to start the game. Online casinos propose slot machines with different rules and you should read it before start playing. We recommend you to try yourself in demo mode. It is a good idea to get an experience and to know the rules. As for the playing for money, you can do it if you are ready and you don’t need any notes with the rules. You couldn’t read it while playing because blackjack is a fast game.