Do you always need to have lots of money to start a business? What business ideas do you have and how much money can you raise for such ideas? Some people have great business ideas they are unable to accomplish because of a lack of capital. Now, I want to tell you that starting a business with almost no money is not impossible. It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but many people have accomplished it! Even though you may want to buy money counters and a few other things before you start your business, there are many business tips you can accomplish with little or no money at all.

Here are ways to start up a business with no money:

1. Start small and scale up the business

If you have a business idea and are ready to start, you can borrow some little money from friends or family and start. Maybe you have a plan to start a storefront where you can sell second-hand items, clothes, and handcrafted wares. You may as well sell these items to your friends and family. You can end up raising money in this manner so you can scale up the business. You may also want to start a website where you sell these items and ride on positive feedback.

2. What can you do or get for free?

It is easy for you to imagine obstacles that prevent you from starting a business. Have you thought of the opportunities that you have but have not tried? Think about this. Are there services you could offer for free or barter with something you need for your business? You probably have a nice website that has only three products. Could you probably sell it and start a small business? Or, could you promote the items on the website through a Facebook page? Can you design your own Canva marketing materials? All these are ideas that could bring money or help you start a new business.

3. Build up a few months’ savings to cater to expenses

One shouldn’t tap into their savings when starting a business. This is not an ideal situation. Design your business plan and be frank about it. How much do you plan to spend? After how long will you get a profit? Ideally, it can take up to six months for a business to break even. Therefore, consider making savings for six months, so you can use this money for business expenses. 

4. Extra funds from family and friends

Your family and friends can be a fallback for your business. Now that you have a solid business plan, ask your friends and family to support it in terms of fundraising. Your friends and family could as well lend you some money for this purpose. You can even start your sales pitch with them and have them give you feedback. You can thereafter make improvements where necessary.

In conclusion, starting a business even when you have little or no money is feasible. All one needs to do is take their time to research business ideas and business plans that can work gradually.