After the huge success of Princess Connect, Crunchyroll Games LLC presents you with the latest title of the franchise Princess Connect Re: Dive. It was released back in February 2018; since then, the game is very much excited. Also, the game has more than 500 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, the game has an outstanding rating of 4.5-Stars. Talking about the release, Princess Connect Re: Dive was released both on Android and iOS. As the previous game of the franchise was extremely famous, this game was highly anticipated.

Moreover, Princess Connect Re: Dive uses the traditional concepts of gacha games. These concepts can often be very confusing for a new player but are not tough to master. You have to practice a bit, and mastering these concepts, along with their implementation, will not be an issue.

Lately, gacha games have faced a lot of negativity from the players. The concept of gacha games seems unfair, as not every player wants to spend their real money on in-game purchases. Players often believe in-game purchases ruins the game’s fun, as buying stuff is a kind of shortcut.

Besides such negativity, the game was a huge success as the game’s storyline is phenomenal with the added hurdle of unlocking characters and pieces of equipment. Also, to unlock all of the characters, you need to complete the quests.

Considering the fact, Princess Connect is based upon a gacha game mechanism. This identifies that you have to upgrade your character to win battles and complete the quests. Furthermore, the game has loads of different gears to choose from.

Choose whatever equipment you feel is the best for your character to make it stronger. Upgrade your character and the equipment simultaneously to become unbeatable in the game. 

Reasons To Choose LDPlayer For Playing Princess Connect Re: Dive:

Wondering why to choose LDPlayer Emulator to download Princess Connect Re: Dive on PC is a debatable point. LDPlayer provides you with various advantages that are not available on your mobile phone. Moreover, some of the features are not available on emulators, making LDPlayer the best Emulator.

Overheating of the Mobile phone is one of the most common issues. This later results in depriving your phone’s battery health and damaging other components of your phone as well.

On the other hand, PCs are designed and capable of running high-end applications without any issue. Besides, emulators will run each of your desired games or application without any lag or heat. You will experience a smooth and fast use of your desired application.

Furthermore, playing on a larger screen is always more fun than playing games on a small-sized screen of your mobile phone. PC screens are not only big but are also more high resolution than your mobile screens. Making your gaming experience unforgettable.

Nonetheless, Controls have always been one of the main things that hold a vital role while you are gaming. LDPlayer provides you with an option to alter the controls of your game. Allowing you to focus better with the controls that you are well familiar off. 

The multi-instance feature is the best feature of the LDPlayer. This feature allows you to open multiple instances simultaneously, which can be controlled at once. Luckily, Princess Connect Re: Dive has a multi-instance rerolling feature.

This feature allows you to play the game in multiple instances simultaneously. The benefit of this feature, when played on LDPlayer, is that you can get more gems, in-game currency, which can be to upgrade the characters and equipment. LDPlayer is definitely one of the best free emulators for Princess Connect.

How To Download Princess Connect Re: Dive on PC?

Follow these four basic steps to download Princess Connect Re: Dive on your PC for free:

  • Download and Install the LDPlayer Emulator from its official website.
  • Enter into LDPlayer by signing in with your current Google account or making a new one.
  • Once done with that, search for Princess Connect Re: DIve on the Google Play Store.
  • After searching, you need to download the game, and you are ready to play the game on your PC.

You can also download and install the official version of Princess Connect by downloading its APK file and dragging it onto the LDPlayer’s window. Download, however, you feel more satisfied. LDPlayer allows you to download the game either way.


In the end, it is well known by now that you can play Princess Connect Re: Dive on your PC for free. LDPlayer is the best Emulator available to play this game. Having more than 100 million satisfied customers proves that this Emulator is one of the best available options right now.

Without a doubt, you will have a lot of fun with the above-stated features while playing Princess Connect Re: Dive on LDPlayer. We suggest you download LDPlayer not only for this game, but the Emulator can also be used to download various other games of your choice. Hence, do try the LDPlayer Emulator.