The Covid-19 pandemic has already spread over the entire globe. And as a result, most industries have been negatively impacted.

With a majority of the world’s population being forced to remain at home, business the world over has taken a hit. However, businesses are finding ways to promote their business.

And there is one industry that has seen steady growth, even during these times of economic uncertainty: online gambling.

But why has this rather esoteric mode of entertainment gained prominence during this disruptive period? What has been the driving factor behind online gambling’s steady rise during the last few months?

We’re going to explore the answers to all these questions, and more, in this article. What’s more, we’re also going to take a sneak peek at the future of the online gambling industry. So stick around for what promises to be an interesting read.

Let’s get going.

The Game Of Economics

Just think about it: over the past couple of months, the entire world has been in a state of lockdown. Even today, as we begin to open up and try to return to a semblance of normalcy, nobody still knows how long we’ll have to live under the pall of this pandemic.

During this prolonged period of self-imposed isolation, we have seen many changes sweep our private and public lives. Commercial activity has plummeted, and the world is heading towards the worst recession in history. According to an infographic brought by, the pandemic could cost the world economy in an unprecedented manner, likely to the tune of $20 trillion!

Naturally, in this scenario, the job market is seeing dark clouds on the horizon. As businesses begin to shut and jobs are lost, people are increasingly turning to alternative avenues of income for sustenance.

In such times, online gambling has provided a means that allows people to earn a sizable income. Hence a large portion of the world population has leaned towards this mode of money-making for earning a living.

The Entertainment Factor

Another aspect of gambling that must be taken into account is that of entertainment and addictiveness. Being cooped up at home during the course of the ‘Great Lockdown’ has taken a psychological toll on the world as a whole.

Despite humanity being a social species, today social distancing has become essential for our health and well being. Naturally, traditional modes of entertainment involving close social interactions, such as brick-and-mortar casinos, have taken a significant blow.

However, online gambling doesn’t have that problem. When visiting online casinos, players don’t have to interact with anyone physically. They can play and win from the comfort of their homes.

And that’s not all; through online gambling sites, players can ensure that they continue socializing with others, albeit virtually. This helps reduce the feeling of isolation and promotes better health and mental well-being.

Excitement In The Times Of Covid-19

There’s no denying that the pandemic has had a negative impact on everyone’s minds, everywhere. Online gambling has provided a channel by which people can take their mind off things and rekindle the excitement that life has, or rather had to offer.

Sitting at home, waiting for a disease to subside can be immensely boring and somewhat annoying. By playing online Black-Jack, betting on virtual slot machines, and spending time on digital Roulette, people are not only spending time but seeking to spice up their life.

Ease Of Collecting Payments

Another factor that has played a significant role in the rise of online gambling has been the ease of collecting electronic payments. With traditional gambling, winnings had to be collected physically. But that is not possible today amidst a raging pandemic.

Online gambling allows players the chance to collect winnings via virtual channels. This means instant access to funds without the need to step out into the real world. Also, casinos don’t have to deal with errant customers, which makes this a win-win situation for both parties.


Due to a combination of the above factors, online gambling and few other industries are anticipating steady growth. At a time when other major industries, especially those related to entertainment, are experiencing a decline, this is welcome news for the online gambling community indeed.

The concept of online casinos and gambling is already well established in the European Union, but North America is quickly catching up. Covid-19 has brought the opportunities in the field to the fore; with time, we can only expect online gambling to go mainstream.

Till next time, stay safe!