Setting up and stocking a business with essentials is a tedious task. You have to cater to small needs like having pens, paper, staplers, folders, copier paper, post-its, and several other small things. Before the internet, a business would either have to contract an office supplies company or would have to assign someone this task of buying and painting the stock of office supplies. While someone still has to keep a track of the supplies, buying them has become as simple as the click of a button with the advent of e-commerce! 

I Am Setting Up A Business. What Supplies Do I Need?

Different businesses need different supplies and in different quantities. For example, a daycare center would include crayons as part of ‘office’ supplies, while a call center will definitely not need them! There are a few basic supplies that are needed across the board for all businesses.

Writing Supplies

Pens and pencils should be a staple for any place of business. They are needed for every little thing, and it will be both embarrassing and unprofessional to land up in a situation where one isn’t available. You can consider writing pads, folders, binders, markers, staples, and other basic supplies as well. 

Printed Supplies

Printed supplies like letterheads with the name of your business and the logo, envelopes, and other stationery should also be included in the list. An often overlooked part of printed supplies is business checks. Checks are cheaper online and can be customized to fit in with the brand image of the business. If you’re looking to buy checks and office supplies, online would be the place to go to ensure big savings!


You need printers, copiers, shredders, telephones and a lot of other machines to run any business. While standalone or brick-and-mortar shops are a great way to see and get a feel of a product, online shops are much cheaper. These are large and expensive pieces of equipment, and you need to ensure that you aren’t paying a premium for them unnecessarily. You can also compare prices online easily, and also see other models of the same equipment that might work better, be cheaper, and be a better fit for your business! 

Medical supplies

Every workplace needs a well-stocked first aid kit! You can make them yourself, or buy them pre-made on the internet. Make sure to read up on U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA regulations about first aid kits. There are several industries that have specific guidelines for these kits, and they need to be OSHA compliant at all times. If your industry does not have OSHA guidelines, there are many websites that offer premade kits for generic office environments. 

Why Should I Buy Online? 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you need to run a business, this is a great place to start. You can go out and compare prices online to any large retailer like Sam’s Club or Costco, and find that there are several options that aren’t available in the store and many options that are significantly cheaper online. Managing costs is one of the biggest tasks when running a business, and every cent saved helps to pad your profits. Even 5 cents saved on a pen adds up when you have to keep buying more than ten every month for a year! 

Besides the cost factor, there is also the big branding or personalization factors. Think of any large office, bank, or hotel you’ve visited. More often than not, they will have branded stationery and other thinks like matchbooks that have their name and logo emblazoned across them. This creates a very high-value vision of the establishment in the customer’s mind. Additionally, you are creating a brand image and increasing your brand value in one fell swoop! 

Another reason to buy checks and office supplies online is that it is a much more efficient process. It is a process between physically visiting a brick and mortar store, and filling out picture-less order forms. You can see what product you are ordering, you can set the number of items, you can choose the color from options, and you can personalize all at once, all with a few clicks. Reordering is also a simple process of clicking a few buttons, saving you time, and your employee’s effort that can be applied elsewhere in the business.